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Chips & Popcorn Reviews

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 Smartfood Gouda and Chive Popcorn

22 reviews

Tried these on a whim and was happy i did... the flavour is suttle yet tatsy... a large bag disappeared in record time... it goes well with a fruity cooler or soda... if you dont mind the cheese powder on your hands face and t-shirt it is a perfect lazy movie night snack...

6 reviews

I got the new prawn cocktail flavour for my nephew and he loved them not to overpowering in the taste they where only £1 in price so value for money I will be getting them again
Doritos Ketchup Flavoured Tortilla Chips

48 reviews

I wasn't sold on these at first and my youngest asked for them and I figured lets try them. I grew up on ketchup chips and wasn't sure but now I'm hooked. Between my son and I we inhaled the bag and it is our new favorite in the house! You won't be disappointed.
SkinnyPop Popcorn

50 reviews

I bought this at Costco when it was on sale and I enjoyed it! It tastes like regular popcorn with the bonus of being lighter in calories. Perfect snack at night when you need that little something before bed. Will be buying this again!
Pringles BBQ Chips

51 reviews

The Flavour could be better / stronger. Chips are chips, but the flavour of this isn’t strong enough for a popular company. If it was a no name brand I’d understand , but recently no name brands have been more generous with the amount and flavouring .
Garden Veggie Straws Zesty Ranch

1 review

These crunchy veggie straws are delicious! Multicoloured and flavoured lightly with zesty ranch. The perfect snack when you’re looking for something crunchy like chips but healthier than greasy chips. I’ll definitely be buying these again!
Lay's Oven Baked Chanterelles in a Cream Sauce

1 review

I don't like mushrooms usually but mushroom flavoured chips are surprisingly good and so is this one. It's just so good, I want to buy it more. The texture and flavor fits perfectly together and makes it a perfect snack.
Tostitos Bite Size Rounds Tortilla Chips

41 reviews

I choose these chips the most to pair with a salsa or cheese dip. The chips are made bite size, the perfect size for dipping, as I don't like big chips with dip. The taste is pretty good, they have the right amount of salt, not too much or too little.
Munchies Original

34 reviews

Munchies are my secret addiction! Buy the huge bag from Costco and it's almost embarassing how fast it depletes. I love the combo of pretzles, doritos, cheetos, and sunchips. Definetely very salty but boy does it satisfy the chip craving!
Hot cheetos

3 reviews

These are some of the best chips a person can eat. They start off sweet and a bit tangy but if you want your mouth to be really hot you eat them by the handful. I love sitting down and eating them while watching TV. I usually end up eating the whole bag cuz I cant help it
Pringles Ketchup Chips

37 reviews

Les croustilles Pringles ont une texture unique et très agréable. Leur saveur est aussi plus intéressante que d’autres croustilles au ketchup. En plus, l’emballage en boîte permet de les conserver facilement une fois ouvertes.
Ruffles Jalapeño Ranch Flavored Potato Chips

1 review

I felt very excited to find RUFFLES Brand Potato Chips in Jalapeño Ranch Flavor. I love a spicy chip. Unfortunately, these are not. They are Frito-Lay quality and have wonderful Ranch flavor, which is the best compliment I can offer. They are worth a try. I will not purchase...
Smoky bacon golden wonder

1 review

These crisps are some of my complete favourites, they’re so cheap for 6 packs and can satisfy the whole family (or just yourself!) the taste is strong and I love the flavour, not keen on bacon but these crisps are amazing totally recommend.
cheets paw

1 review

Cheetos paw is a tasty cheese snack, nice for indoor and outdoor treat, its very tasty and cheesey. the paw print is cute and fun to eat. i will buy this product again.
Doritos Bold BBQ Tortilla Chips

23 reviews

My friend introduced me to these chips about 2 years ago and they are amazing I didn't think o was gonna like them because I don't like bbq bit they don't have that bbq taste at all I love them 💞
Piqui chips

1 review

These chips are a must have in our house. We take them in road trips and to the beach every time. I have them four bags on hand usually so I am prepared. They are flavourful and just slightly spicy which is perfect. I have a hard time eating any other chip so I take them to...
Ruffles Bar-b-q Chips

6 reviews

I would definitely recommend this chip to anyone who likes a BBQ chip with alot of crunch and texture its bold BBQ flavor docent lack taste as with most chips
Vega Garlic and herb chips

1 review

I just tried these yesterday for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised! They have a nice garlic and herb flavour, and I appreciate that they also have 15g of protein/serving. Just watch out for the other nutritional info though!
Lays sweet chili heat chips

2 reviews

Okay I love that Lays is bringing out chips that they have been "inspired" by!! This one is a winner. All the flavor of classic lays but with a sweet kick! Perfect with a sandwich or just to munch on while binge watching. I cannot wait to try the other flavors.
great value jalapeno

1 review

We usually go for the Miss Vickie's Jalapeno chips because we love spicy in this house. One time I saw it was only 1.97 for the great value brand on Walmart and tried one. My husband it's even better than Miss Vickie's because the taste is actually less salty and a hit of...