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Ice Cream Reviews

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Bryers Skor “ice Cream substitute”

1 review

I had high hopes for this “stuff” I thought I was buying ice cream but it’s the furthest thing from ice cream.....I couldn’t figure out the strange texture and how it stays soft in the freezer even after a day or two, ice cream usually hardens. So I read the ingredients...
Chapman's Mango Ice Cream

3 reviews

i hardly see mango flavour ice cream in toronto and it was a pleasant surprise to see it in store. i love mango, especially it's summer, you can definitely tastes the mango flavour. so refreshing for a hot summer day
blizzard au fromage et petits fruits

1 review

Je me suis gâté et je me suis payer ce nouveau Blizzard chez Dairy Queen. J'ai adoré rafraîchissant, nourrissant et je trouve qu'ils sont généreux avec les garnitures il y avait beaucoup de petits fruits et plusieurs petits morceaux de gâteaux au fromage à chaque...
Haagen dazs gelato salted caramel

2 reviews

Mmmm! I could not stop eating this one. The flavor was so rich and creamy but not too creamy I absolutely loved the salted caramel flavour. The ice cream tastes like vacation
Loads of Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Bars

2 reviews

Decent, but certainly not high quality. Pretty good value for what it is though. I bought one box and probably won't be rushing back to buy any more though, but it wasn't bad.
Strauss Creamery Organic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

1 review

I love Strauss Family Creamery products. Everyone should read about them, they're an amazing company that produces first-rate dairy products; all organic from grass-fed cows. I love their Vanilla Bean ice cream that's made with REAL vanilla beans. It's perfectly rich and...
Dadu Vanilla Ice Cream

1 review

I buy this brand of ice cream in ethnic stores and i absolutely love it. It truly has an old-fashioned vanilla ice cream taste - similar to the one I once tried at a 18-century farm (one of those hand-churned ice creams). The wafer of the cone is very easy to bite through - my...
Chapman's Collection Vanilla & Milk Chocolate Ice Cream Bars

6 reviews

Ok, not only is this a Canadian company it makes delicious ice cream treats! The vanilla ice cream is smooth and flavourful, the chocolate coating is just right. Yum!
real dairy

1 review

En fait ce n'est pas de la crème glacée mais bien du yogourt glacé. C'est une option plus santé et le gout de cette merveille est trop exquis! Je le recommande à tous. Le gout d'érable est prononcé et il est le parfait dessert! Je le recommande grandement! Il est dans...
No name ice cream 4L neapolitan

3 reviews

I like that it's actual ice milk - as in, made from real dairy. The price for the volume of ice cream you get can't be beat - my store sells them for about $5. With chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavours it's easy to pick which one you want to try. Just don't leave it in...
Champman's Premium ice cream Black cherry

4 reviews

Nous ici on adore les produits Chapman's! Par contre, pas cette saveur. La texture est très belle, pas un goût trop ou pas assez sucré! Mes enfants adorent les crèmes glacées et les friandises Chapman's! Je conseille cette marque, mais pas cette saveur!
Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

8 reviews

Creamy and smooth with so much flavour, this has to be one on my favorite ice creams. This ice cream is so favourable its hard to resist eating the whole carton. The mint flavor is just right not strong like some ice creams where the taste stays in your mouth, this is just...
Nestle Smarties Ice Cream

26 reviews

I don't have it to often but it's a real treat for me. Reminds me of being a kid. Usually get the whole container to myself which is fine by me. Nestles ice cream is quite good.
Chapman's premium vanilla fudge chunk

1 review

Juste wow, un mélange parfait. Ne goûte pas trop la vanille comme le chocolat et doux, un super délice. Je la trouve un peut chère mais vaut vraiment le prix. Vous devez essayer.
Haagen Dazs Caramel Cone Explosion Ice Cream

7 reviews

Seriously, impossible to eat just a few scoops, awesome dessert. Summer or winter doe not matter. I love that there is crunchy pieces in the middle, and some sweetness from the caramel.
Dairy Queen Kit Kat Blizzard

5 reviews

I love the flavor it has very crunchy and I would recommend too everyone that loves kit Kat I think it one of my favorites everybody should go check it out
Butterscotch Blonde McFlurry

2 reviews

I wouldn't change a thing about this product. I will continue to purchase it as long as it's available 😍 So creamy and the flavour is spot on! The cost can be a little bit much sometimes but it is worth every penny+
Haagen Dazs Tiramisu

1 review

this tiramisu flavor is special, it does taste like tiramisu. I eat it on its own or sometimes add in chocolate syrup and baileys. the price is a bit expensive compares to other ice cream but it's definitely worth it
Chapman's Yukon French Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches

10 reviews

This is by far the best icecream sandwich I have ever had. It is thick with vanilla icecream and the 2 chocolate waffer bars that the icecream is in between is absolutely delicious . This is my go to icecream snack that's for sure.
Peanut butter parfiet

2 reviews

This treat is layerd in chocolate and peanut goodness sure to satisfy the sweet tooth a chocolate lovers dream come true. So if you are in need of a yummy treat i recommend this product