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Soft Drinks Reviews

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Coca Cola energy

3 reviews

I found the taste more like Coca Cola Zero. Price was good. Just not what I thought it was going to be. Save my calories for something better. Also did not find it to increase my energy.
Lidl chocolate powder

1 review

Lidl chocolate powder for milkshakes is the only chocolate powder my son will drink. He has tried others but he only likes the Lidl one which is great as it's so cheap. You can also use it to make hot chocolate too which is great so I only need one pot of powder in my cupboard.
Brisk half & half Watermelon Lemonade Iced Tea

3 reviews

I love Brisk half-and-half iced tea with watermelon lemonade because I love all of these flavours! I also find that it isn’t too sweet with the lemonade in it too. It’s great that it is a large drink so it always quenches my thirst because there is enough of it. My kids...
diet a&w;root beer

1 review

The vanilla flavour comes through beautifully, without the accompanying chemical flavour that a lot of diet soft drinks have. It's nice to have a flavourful alternative.
Coca-Cola Zero caffeine free

1 review

Coke Zero tastes just like Regular coke without the added calories, sugar, or caffeine. This is my new go to product. Tastes wonderful on it's own or as a mix. Coke Zero is always found in my fridge.
President's Choice Ginger Ale Soda

10 reviews

I’ve posted reviews on carbonated drinks like this before but this drink is decent carbonated. Where the real taste is when you make it flat. It’s amazing when its flat! If you can get your hands on this it’s a great buy!
schweppes zero sugar blood orange

5 reviews

I really enjoy the flavours in the blood orange zero calorie “soda”. This is a great drink on a hot day and the flavour is just the right amount of orange without being overpowering or sugary sweet. It is hard to find but if you see it definitely worth trying.
7 Up White Peach Sparkling Lemonade

22 reviews

I got this drink was very skeptic about ut but it was very fizzy and nice peachy taste ! I would buy it again but its not for everyone just if your not a fan of fizziness then i don’t recommend it but overall a great peachy drink
Gatorade G2 Cool Blue

8 reviews

This definitely quenches my thirst after a long walk or a hard workout. I like that it contains electrolytes and is lower in sugar. It is often a bit pricey though which is not ideal on a tight budget.
Coca Cola Orange Sorbet

11 reviews

Tastes like creamcicle. Very refreshing and a different type of flavour for coca cola. Too bad it's a seasonal flavour. They need to have it all year
Red Bull beach breeze

1 review

I have been drinking Red Bull for a long time and haven’t liked many flavored versions, but I love the Beach breeze! It has a tropical flavor that isn’t super strong so it still tastes like Redbull unlike the other the other flavored ones that overpower that taste, which I...
Royal Crown Cola- RC

1 review

A drink my mother loves! My husband I think he's addicted lol. The flavor and taste are so delicious. Some colas tend to go flat after opening but RC keeps it bubbly.
Brio Chinotto

1 review

I was introduced to this soda at a local market when I was a pre-teen and I fell in love with it. It's been a treat ever since because it always runs more expensive then normal soft drinks. Chinotto has a distinct herbal/caramelly taste that is not for everyone. Don't buy a...
diet a&w;root beer

1 review

I absolutely love this diet root beer! I drink it basically daily and honestly wouldn't change anything about thw flavor or quality. I do wish places sold it as a fountain soda, but I can only find it in can or bottle form.
San Pellegrino Limonata

34 reviews

If you like lemon flavour this is for you. It is tart and not as sweet as traditional pop. Great refreshing drink on its own in the summer months. Fantastic as a mixer with vodka or gin. YUM.
7up lemon lime

1 review

This soft drink is one of my all time favorites. I could drink it all day every day. It is inexpensive and very convenient to buy. It not only tastes great but it is so refreshing to drink it. I highly recommend it if you haven't tried it yet!
Coca-Cola Zero sugar orange vanilla

2 reviews

i love this product i get mine at my food lion i love the taste and its a good value i would recommend this to people who love soda and love flavored soda
Schweppes Ginger Ale

33 reviews

I love gingerale, so I decided to try this thinking it was similar to Canada Dry. But sadly it isn’t, this gingerale is more bitter which could be due to carbonation.
Faygo cotton candy

1 review

This is one of my all time favorite Faygo soda flavors. At first I thought it was going to be gross & taste nothing like cotton candy but after trying it I was completely shocked at how good it tasted & when my kids tried it they drank it all up.
Mountain Dew caffeine free

1 review

I had a medical condition that required me to give up caffeine. I tried the caff free mt.dew and oh my goodness! It tasted better than reg mt dew! My kids even loved it!!! Its all we drink in my house now!! Yum!!