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Soft Drinks Reviews

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Monster Energy, Ultra Sunrise - 16 fl oz Can

1 review

The monster energy drink has a great flavour and taste, unlike Powerade which has no definitive flavour. Also, the caffeine in the drink helps me stay up at night whenever I need to study and personally I like taking a break from coffee once in a while and monster serves as a...

1 review

I love how the many flavors come together as one distinct and unique flavor. It’s so delicious. I have been drinking it since I was about eight years old, gosh that’s over twenty years wow how time flies lol. I absolutely recommend sometimes I will toss a scoop of vanilla...
Canada Dry Raspberry

1 review

I’m a fan of the original Canada Dry Gingerale and even the diet version so I thought I would try this raspberry sparkling beverage version. I do enjoy the nice fruity twist! It’s great on its own or as a mixer. Give it a try!
Faygo blue rasberry

1 review

This lightly carbonated drink has amazing flavor, absolutely love the blue rasberry flavor, its thirst quenching and really good using as mix. Its cost efficient for $1.29 kids, adults will really enjoy this drink
Rockstar energy drink mandarin orange

1 review

I have tried numerous flavours of the energy drinks available to me and my absolute favourite is the mandarin orange as it isn’t a sweet energy drink it almost tastes like an orange freezie by far the best one out there
Coca-Cola Zero Vanilla

12 reviews

Classic coke taste + vanilla. Always my favorite flavor and will continue to purchase this flavor. Never disappointed with Coke product. Looking forward to new flavors.
Dr Pepper Cream Soda

1 review

This different mix of Dr. Pepper and Cream Soda is an amazing combination. If you like both alone, then this mix is for you. My son loves drinking this over the original brand.
pepsi zero

25 reviews

Pepsi is too sweeter for me even it is zero sugar. I did not enjoy it as much. I can't taste anything other than sweet and left an awful bitter after taste. I prefer the Coke zero more
Barq's Root Beer

39 reviews

Barq is my favourite root beer. Is full of flavour and is nice and sweet. Barq is very fizzy and taste great. It’s also great as a mixer or in floats.
Canada Dry pomegranate ginger ale

13 reviews

I'm not a pop drinker. In the past only drink ginger ale when it traveling to ease my stomach. I recently had pomegranate ginger ale and fell in love with the taste. Adding it to wine makes a great drink, or on it's on.
Sprite with lemonade

1 review

I tried this for the first time and it is so delicious and refreshing Sprite with a splash of lemonade so delicious and so refreshing I will definitely keep purchasing this product

11 reviews

These are the best fries anywhere. It is always a real treat to eat at A&W;. The fries are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. A nice serving side to add to any burger.
G2 Gatorade

37 reviews

These drinks have the best flavour, except the orange. I wasn’t a big fan of that one but over all the other flavours like the fruit punch and the grape are very nice. Love that whenever I’m sick or after a hard work out, I can always drink one if these to quench my thirst...
Maple coke

3 reviews

I absolutely loved this drink. So Canadian! I love Coke and maple, so why not combine the two? I wish it came in cans too.. or 500ml plastic bottles with lids to reseal . Easier to carry around. Definitely will buy again.
Nestea 40% less sugar mango

1 review

I was sceptical but it’s very tasty and much less guilt than a regular full sugar can of soda The flavour was unique - I thought I had purchased a regular lemon flavour but was very pleasantly surprised I will definitely buy this again
New Wave Soda

1 review

I usually bring a sparkling water with me wherever I go, but I was getting bored with how bland most sparkling waters are. This stuff is such a refreshing alternative because it has fruit juice and flavors that I had t had in a sparkling beverage before! I love that some flavors...
Joker mad energy sugar free

1 review

It tastes exactly like an original flavour Rockstar energy drink of which I’m not a fan. It’s good that it’s sugar free which won’t spike my sugars though. I’m just glad I got it for free to try or I’d be upset that I wasted good money on a subpar energy drink.

10 reviews

Yes love a bit of redbull it tastes so lovely and it really works when it comes to tiredness so i would highly recommend to anyone who can actually have it
Vanilla Coke

3 reviews

I used to have this years ago then it just seemed to disappear but I have found it in a few supermarkets now so hope it sticks around. Still tastes just as I remember.
Canada Dry Diet Ginger Ale

15 reviews

Well everyone in my family loves that Canada Dry Ginger Ale. I don't drink them often, but I enjoy a cold Ginger Ale once in awhile. These Zero sugar ones are as close as you can get to the original with out all the sugar. This is a great alternative for a low calorie soda and...