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Cough & Cold, Adult Reviews

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Buckley’s Original Mixture Cough Congestion

122 reviews

I was taking another cough syrup for two days and there was no relief. My co-worker handed me the Buckley's and recommended I try it. What a relief! It was immediate. I will absolutely recommend it to everyone I come across who has a cough. After a week of wakeful nights due...
Advil Cold and Sinus Caplets

85 reviews

I get really bad headaches as well as awful sinus issues when I’m sick that calls me immense pain to the point where I am on able to fall asleep today, once I take one of these I feel 100x better!! This is my mom’s favourite Advil product and she uses nothing else! My...
Buckley's Complete Cough, Cold & Flu Syrup

36 reviews

I was looking for the entire gambit in a cough syrup to suppress an annoying cough and loosen chest congestion. I thought I would give this a try since there is no sugar content. (I’ve taken this product twice in 8 hours.) I was looking for relief especially in the evening...
Buckley's Complete Cough, Cold & Flu Syrup

1 review

This product is thicker than most cough syrups I've tried. It does not taste good by any means, but it helped relieve my cough and congestion and soothed my sore throat. The intense bitter taste wasn't good. However, I appreciate that they did not try to hide this with...

1 review

I have used these lozenges for over 20 years. The 2 main reasons I buy the Original flavour is because they calm coughs, sore throats and keep a stuffy nose clear, also when I offer them to my friends they aren't keen so I get to keep them all. My family use the Blackcurrant...
Vick’s vaposteam

1 review

Use this to pour into a vaporizer to reduce coughing. Works great. Had been coughing through the night and tried this. Did not cough hardly any after going to bed.
Tylenol Sinus Severe

1 review

I go thru severe sinus infections several times a year. This is THE only product that works to help get me back on my feet within 24-48 hours. I started it yesterday and was back to work today. Other than the slight chalky flavor, the pill is easy to swallow and starts working...
Equate Nitetime cold & flu

1 review

We use Equate Nitetime cold & flu for or cold and coughs..The price is about right it helps just about as good as any other cough meds..It does make you sleep as-well..
TYLENOL Complete Cold, Cough & Flu Plus Mucus Relief syrup

1 review

This Tylenol heps me immediately if I feel first symptoms for cold or flu( sore throat, running nose etc) and doesn't let me get real sick! I always recommend this product to relatives and friends to fight or prevent cold or flu.This is the one "must have" things in our house...
Tylenol Extra Strength Complete Cold, Cough &  Flu

1 review

Whenever I have a cold I take these pills because it works right away and lasts for hours. It allows me to feel better and helps to make the symptoms go away. It is easy to swallow and you get about 24 pills for $15. I bought these at shoppers drug mart and always take them when...
Buckley's Cold & Sinus Liquid Gels

1 review

Its a great quality product. It had Day and Night option. Works fast and efficient. Its based on Acetaminophen. Gel caps helps with quicker dissolving. One minus it is a little expensive.
BENYLIN® All-In-One Cold And Flu Extra Strength Day & Night Caplets

2 reviews

I dont normally use any over the counter drugs. I ended up getting the flu last year. I was so congested it was affecting my swallowing and breathing. A friend of mine brought me extra strength Benylin all in one. I was a little sceptic about using it at first, but i was so...
Advil Cold and Sinus Daytime and Nighttime Convenience Pack

21 reviews

This is my go to cold medication. I have always been a customer of Advil and love that they came out with a cold medicine. I can take 2 of these and be able to function through my work day with minimal worry about my cold. I don't waste my day wiping my nose and my nose...
BENYLIN Dry Cough Syrup

3 reviews

This product greatly helps to reduce symptoms of coughing. The taste is not great but that is to be expected from most medicines. I would recommend this product.
Benylin All-In-One Night Plus Mucus & Phlegm Syrup

1 review

If nothing else has ever worked for you when it comes to the worst cold or flu ever, this will. It is very strong though, and it does contain alcohol, so check with your doctor. It does help you sleep, will take away all your aches and pains, no cough, no sneezing, no runny...
BENYLIN Regular Strength Cough Plus Cold Relief Syrup

5 reviews

Benylin Extra Strength Cough Plus has been a lifesaver while I've been recovering from a nasty cold. The menthol action soothes sore throat pain and eases coughing - finally letting me sleep through the night!
All-In-One Cold and Flu Plus Mucus & Phlegm Syrup

4 reviews

We're past the cold and flu season yet I still get a nasty chest cold once in a while especially with the weather changing. I always reach for Benylin. It doesn't taste horrible and it does cut my cough down pretty good.