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Cell Phones Reviews

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Blackberry Z10

14 reviews

this phone is nice.. but its design is completely out dated and an embarrassment to bring around.. seriously you cant even download instagram, snapchat, pinterest, etc! ridiculous
BLU studio 6.0 hd

2 reviews

For around $200 you get a dual SIM unlocked phone. The phone itself looks and works great. The only problem I have is with the battery life and the response time.
iPhone 5C Case, ULAK Colorful Heavy Duty Hybrid Hard Case Cover For Apple iPhone 5C with Screen Protector and Stylus

3 reviews

It is a unique product however a little over-priced. I like the multiple layered case since it feels like it adds extra protection. If you are a person that always uses a stylus then this would be the perfect case for you.
Samsung Mega

1 review

I went looking for a tablet that would also include a phone. My daughter said that it did not exist. I went last year to Black Friday to the mall into the Telus store and asked for what I had mentioned to my daughter. the clerk showed me the Samsung mega. He let me try it as I...
Motorola Moto X

2 reviews

Great phone. Very fast. The screen is a little bit to big. But its an amazing phone. Much better then the moto G I must say. But be careful not to drop it the screen breaks easy.
Blackberry Curve

29 reviews

i find blackberries just aren't worth it, the battery life just get terrible over time, although i was excited to get this since blackberries were becoming popular over time i learnt i would regret that
Speck CandyShell iPhone 6 Case

1 review

I had a Speck CandyShell case for each of my previous iPhones and I loved them. They really do a good job of protecting your phone. I bought one for my iPhone 6 about 3 or 4 months ago, and am so sad to report that it's broken. Previous models of the case had some sort of...

10 reviews

this is by far the most expensive cell phone i've had to date. that being said, i love it! lol It has a lot more capability then my old ones for sure. so its probably more then what i actually need or would use it for. i've learnt so much on it already, and cant wait until the...
kona by kyrocera cell phone

1 review

i think all should try and get s kona by kyrocera its a great phone simple to use plays a song when you have a voice mail has big lettering on the screen so you can see better has great reception you can easely fix something if needed has great charging time doesn't take long at...
Samsung Galaxy Alpha

1 review

Thought this was going to be a great phone but I was very disappointed it didn't have the option for a micro sd card. Very little storage space on the phone and a poorer quality phone from the Samsung brand.
Blackberry q10

6 reviews

i find blackberries just aren't worth it, the battery life just get terrible over time, the touch screen wasn't that great of quality, i only used this phone for a month before getting frustrated and swithing
Apple iPhone 5C

7 reviews

I live the iPhone 5c. I know everyone wants the new ones but I love this phone it does everything I need and it's a affordable phone. Only issue is I can't find a case :(
samsung Gear fit

2 reviews

I've had my Gear Fit for over two years now and it still works great. I usually get about a day and a half of battery life so I charge mine each night, I appreciate the fact that it's barely degraded since I've purchased it. I truly feel that I can wear it in any situation, you...
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

2 reviews

this phone tends to freeze up on many occasions i would not recommend
Apple iPhone 3G

21 reviews

I have had the Apple for about 2 years now and while it is OK .. it is definitely not worth the money you pay for it . I think I will try a new Android phone when I m up for a new phone !
Samsung Rugby

2 reviews

ok phone. your basic SAMSUNG ANDROID nothing special but the phones works. i will be definately returning to the Samsung Galaxy Ace II-X (theres just something about that phone)
Audible. Com

1 review

This is a Cell application . Its about books that you wanna hear . Audible books . I love it ! I really dont like to read , so its a alternative for me ! I CAN listen a book everywhere ! Very usefull when you have to wait in a waiting room for the doctor show up ! Or in the car...
Nokia Lumina Windows Phone

2 reviews

It works well enough but it isn't very fast and it isn't as good as other phones. But it still did the trick for me!
Sony Xperia Phone

3 reviews

So I purchased this phone with all the hype of it being waterproof... Well it's proven to be a piece of #@!? It over heats.. which to me is a huge safety factor... It glitches out constantly.. I really hate that I'm stuck with it.. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE
Straight Talk, No Contract Cell Phones

4 reviews

They were auto-pay with my plan. Had the money in the bank but for some reason it didn't go through. They just shut off my phone without letting me know it didn't go through. The internet is no where near4G compared to Verizon. Have had many issues with SimCards.