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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    May 09, 2012

    STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! I purchased one of those group deals things (DealFind) to get my lashes done for my wedding in Cuba for this salon. The deal was $39 for a full set of extensions and my mom and I wanted to get them together. Before we purchased them, my mom called the salon to make sure they were going to have appointments in time before we left for Cuba. (We purchased them at the end of February and we were leaving to Cuba April 3rd) ~

    They told my mom that they had booked up only until March 6th. The next day, when I was calling to book the appointments the lady (I think her name was Trisha?) who does the lashes asked me if it was for anything special so I mentioned it was for my wedding that we were leaving for April 3rd... HUGE mistake. She pushed me and pushed me to get the 'upgraded bridal set of lashes' and I kept telling her no, I didn't want the upgraded set (it would have been an extra $100) and all I could afford was the $40 that I paid for the group deal.
    She kept telling me that I had to get the bridal set, because it was my wedding, and I needed to treat myself and blah blah blah and she obviously didn't care about the fact that I said I couldn't afford anything more than what I had already paid. She seemed annoyed that I kept telling her that I only wanted the deal, nothing more. (I get people trying to upsell and that the deal sites are mainly just to get traffic in the door, but geez when I say no, leave it alone)
    She finally accepted that I wasn't going to budge about 'upgrading' so then I asked her if we could come in the last week of March. She said that all of their appointments were booked up until April 6th. (Fully knowing I was already going to be in Cuba) and after I reminded her that we were leaving April 3rd, she said "Aw, that's too bad... The only way you're going to get your lashes done on time is if you pay for the upgraded set and you have a Master Technician do it. She has an opening for you and your mom in the last week of March." I actually couldn't believe what I was hearing. She said that regular technicians do the group deal and master technicians do the bridal sets. I reiterated that I couldn't afford to do the bridal set and she said "Well then you won't have them done on time, will you?"
    I finally agreed to do it, just to hold the spot (In the back of my mind I was already writing my email to DealFind) and I got off the phone. I wrote the email to them explaining what happened (and by the way DealFind's customer service was amazing!) They got back to me and told me that this was not their first complaint with this vendor, and they would have to speak to the vendor themselves first before they issued us a refund. They issued it no problem.

    That same day I received a call from Trisha but I couldn't answer it, so they called my mother and her exact words were; "You and your daughter will never be welcome in my salon ever. Don't you dare step foot near us ever again." and hung up.

    The level of professionalism with these people is non-existent and for this lady to 'run her business' this way is absolutely despicable. I don't know how they get away with it. Long story short... Stay away from this salon. This was just for eyelash extensions... I'd hate to see what happens to your bill and your hair if you aren't happy with your stylist.

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