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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    November 19, 2016

    I am extremely sad to say that I went to Donato and had this amazing cut By Helen only to go back with the foundation still in order, explained the simple trim plus a Angular cut with just a few layers at the front to SELENA the stylist this time.
    WELL I ended up with UNEVEN cut one VERY short chunk at the back with VERY raggedy layers whole head Along with an added decision of SELENA to cut a KATE GOSSLING layers into the back so it cant be curled or wavy ( which my hair is naturally) because its so short in the layers.
    My hair is above my chin after MANY warnings and concern as it was being trimmed.
    I am officially wearing a BUCKET in the front that's uneven and choppy and then Kate Gosling in the back.
    WHY AND HOW is what I am still asking. NONE of that was discussed in the cut.

    I went back to discuss what could happen only to have their Specialist tell me I had to go even shorter, but Id have to book it another day. but that EVERYTHING i was saying was right and it was really poorly cut. All I was compensated was a free cut next time. Are you kidding me???? The length that its at it will take over a month before I can cut it again and I don't want to leave the house its SO BAD. If I get one more person tell me just how bad the cut it and " WHAT HAPPENED" I'm going to scream. Its too short to even tie back and HIDE under.

    Sorry free hair cut DOES NOT cut it. NO pun intended. There should have been offers of hair colour or SPA coupons not " sorry, when it grows come back and well cut it free"
    Are you going to pay for the extensions that i now NEED?

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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    April 26, 2014

    PROM 2013 NIGHTMARE!!!!
    If I could give a ZERO rating for this place I would!!!!
    My daughter booked with a Makeup Artist at Donato's Square One location after we reviewed the portfolio of the work she's done. My daughter booked an 11:30am appointment for her hair to be styled there. She also booked her hair for 2:00pm there. The day of Prom, the Hairstylist appointment went as planned. However, she ended up waiting until 3:00pm to have her makeup done there. Turned out the Makeup Artist she originally booked with transferred out. We were never contacted regarding that and ended up with an amateur in training. A professional (camera ready) makeup job takes 45 minute to complete. I know this as I used to be a professional model. The makeup artist made errors having to go back and make corrections to my daughters eye makeup which she turned into 'raccoon eyes' in an effort to cover up her mistake. By the time my daughters makeup was completed it was 4:30pm! My daughter missed her pre-prom party where she and her friends were supposed to be taking pictures together before heading over in a Limo to the Prom which started at 5:00pm in which she paid for. My daughter missed all of that and was visibly upset, any girl would be. On top of that, she had to still get home to change into her Prom Dress and take family photos where her father was waiting to place a corsage we bought on her wrist as she was running really behind schedule through no fault of her own. We missed that photo opportunity as well. I had to rush her over in our car to her Prom as it started at 5:00pm! It was a disaster, she arrived about a half-hour late for Prom as well. Donato's shouldn't overbook if they cannot keep up the pace! The Manager failed to contact me to follow up as promised. I refused to pay for the makeup job but was told I had to pay for the hairstyle. I would've been more than happy to pay for both if the makeup was completed on time. I strongly advise to avoid Donato's which is just a training school for amateurs that don't know what they're doing! The complimentary makeup should've been passed onto another staff member as other girls with their completed jobs were taking their sweet time choosing out their complimentary makeup gifts so the Makeup Artist could move onwards to the next Prom Girl Victim! Avoid Donato's at all costs, that's the strongest advice I can give others. It's disheartening to think about another girl going through a similar experience. My daughter's memory of Prom is forever scarred thanks to Donato's, they disgust me!!!!!!!!

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