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    November 15, 2016

    Dr. Lytle has been my family doctor for nearly 30yrs. Wow that is more then half my life. He has been with me through so much. He is easy to talk to. Plus no offense Dr. Lytle if somehow you ever hear of this, loves to draw. He is not a good artist. No matter what you have or are asking he draws. Your lady business, my many surgeries. It awesome. He hugs me every time I see him. Truth I say Dr. Lytle I need a hug from the best Doctor.He never says no. He's a great hugger. A friend told me a horrible bit of information. He will be retiring. I say OH NO NO NO! Hopefully if that happens or when I will be sad for me but happy for him.
    His office is not chi chi. Its average. However he is not. He deserves all fives.

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