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Elegant Cleaners Reviews - Toronto

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    January 04, 2008

    Do not bring your clothing here for any reason. This picture of my pants should be reason enough to avoid it. I brought my brand new $100 Wish jeans here for hemming and was truly disappointed. Not only did they do a terrible job of hemming but the place is filthy. Here's how it all went down.

    They don't have a change room so you have to change in the bathroom. It was so dirty and the floor so scummy I had to change without stepping on the floor with my socks. So there I am balancing on my shoes as I pull each pant leg on. I had to use toilet paper to open the door as I was afraid to touch it without it and there was no paper towel. The one woman working there was so absorbed with her Chinese soap opera I felt like I was interrupting to get her to take my measurements for the hem. She measured it with measuring tape and didn't pin it. As I left I noticed she was altering someone's blouse as she watched her soap. She had used a yellow highlighter to mark off the area and was cutting along the yellow line. Now I'm no seamstress but that didn't look right to me. Despite my misgivings I decided to leave the jeans there because I figured how bad could they be given the location and that they are still in business. I imagine the customers in this area are reasonably demanding.

    When I returned to pick up my jeans my worst fears were confirmed. Not only did the hemming job look like ass (observe the crookedness), but halfway between the crooked hemline and the bottom of the jeans is a perforated line from when she first hemmed them and then pulled it out realizing she hadn't done the wide hem I had asked for. I challenged her on that and she said, "Oh no! That is just from ironing. You wash and it will go away." I told her that was obviously not the case and I could see that she had hemmed here and pulled it out. Even some of the threads of my denim were coming out those holes.

    She pretended like she couldn't understand. I paid my $11ish and left in disgust. Normally I would insist they replace my jeans but I could see that would be futile. I have since washed my jeans and the line is still there. I will now need to see if anyone will be able to fix them for me, which will be additional expense and hassle. Some friends of ours in the area also have had really bad experiences here.

    Do NOT bring them your hemming. I wouldn't bring your drycleaning here either.

    228 Queens Quay West

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