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Moksha Yoga Bloor West Reviews - Toronto
Ranked #22 in Yoga/Pilates Studio (Toronto, Ontario)

Average Price:  $5.00

    Address: 2454 Bloor Street West, 2nd Floor
    Toronto, Ontario M6S 1R2
    Phone: 416.766.9642

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    November 17, 2011

    I tried out a class at Moksha Yoga Bloor West using my Passport to Prana and had a great experience. Although I am as beginner as they come, I found this class easy to follow and the heated room helped me get the most out of the stretches. The pace of the class was great for beginners as well. I had Bob Pearson as as instructor and he was helpful and enthusiastic about yoga. I will definitely return to do yoga at Moksha Yoga Bloor West and I highly recommend it to anyone else in the area interested in hot yoga.

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    Quality of Staff

    The Facility

    Recommended? You Betcha!
    September 30, 2009

    So, $5 is not the normal price here. That's the community class price, which is a great introduction to the practice. And at this studio they actually offer community/karma classes at reasonable times (8pm on Fridays and 3pm on Sat & Sun) so there are plenty of chances to get a class in. That said, because it's such a bargain, sometimes the classes are a bit to crowded. They max out at 60 people and it can be cozy, which in a hot room, especially if you're new, can be overwhelming. Also, for the cheap rate, you also get newer instructors and more basic classes, although they always have a helper on hand, and I find it works out fine.

    Regular single classes are $18, and these are really good if you spring for them. They offer more variety and advance practice than the community classes can offer. They also have a great first week offer of unlimited yoga for $20 and sell package passes.

    All the instructors are friendly and knowledgeable, and have made complete yoga converts out of two of my friends who were brand new to the practice. The facilities are really nice, clean and classy, and they also offer massage services on site (although I've never used them).

    I wasn't sure about hot yoga until I went here. (They also have a non-heated room at this location). Even though I have yoga classes as part of my YMCA membership, I still come here because it's such a great environment.

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