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    November 28, 2012

    Nice ambiance and I've been to Salon 111 - (formerly Sets on Fort) several times in the last 9 years. Kristen is amazing. If you must go here, see Kristen. Sarah is a terrible colorist and overcharges. She bleached my roots and added a toner to cancel the brassiness - and JUST for that she charged me $224!!! For a bleach and tone?? Are you kidding me?! Like seriously, I didn't even get a haircut or buy any products. So of course I stiffed her on the tip. That's a ridiculous price considering I booked the appointment for my usual highlights (guess she didn't have the energy for that). She could have at least told me what she was charging for the root touch up and toner. I would have said forget this, and headed over to Sally's Beauty Supply to do it myself! Very disgusted. Management avoided me, the girl at the front desk got defensive when I asked what the $224 was for and if she mixed me up with another client. I called management later on the phone but the manager was too afraid to talk to me (even though i was nice about the whole thing). She left a brief message saying $224 was for time spent and product used. Ok, so I guess I have a humongous head that takes up $224 worth of bleach just for my roots. Crazy. They have no customer service skills, take the stylist's side over the customers, couldn't even explain to me WHY I was charged so much because I don't buy that they used that much color. I get the same thing done at lots of different salons and the price is always under $170. Salon 111 - is a ripoff and I'm not even happy with the results. I HATE banding in my hair and that's what sarah did. You can see where the roots were bleached, and my all over color is gold again. Not ashy like I wanted. And it's only been a week. Definitely NOT worth the money. I recommend Ambience Salon with Shannon downtown - best colorist ever, or even Regis in Kildonan Place Mall is better than Sets. The colorists know their stuff there and charge normal prices.

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