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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    March 21, 2011

    I was very unhappy with the customer service and the quality of the service. Even though I had made an appointment I was rushed through and the lady did a lousy job on my manicure. Seriously it looks awful, she even filed some of the nails lopsided!! Also I had asked for some nail art and they completely ignored my request. As soon as I was drying my nails they put two other customers in the chair and acted like they never heard me ask for it. Totally unprofessional and rude.

    The customer service was terrible! They barely spoke to me but carried on a loud conversation in chinese the whole time. Very uncomfortable. But my biggest gripe is how the lady doing my daughters nails treated her. She only interrupted her chinese conversation with her co-worker long enough to rudely snap at my daughter. My daughter is young and it was her first manicure ever and this lady almost completely ruined it for her. She was only getting her nails painted but I guess did not know to hold her hands a certain way and the lady kept snapping at her, seriously I wanted to slap the woman but I bit my tongue and did my best to try and make my daughter feel comfo0rtable. She had been looking forward to this and I was so angry to have this lady treat her like crap and be so rude to her. Afterwards my daughter said "I like my nails but that lady was mean". My blood boiled. Not only did I get a lousy job done on my nails, have my request for nail art go ignored but to have my child treated like crap was the final straw. They did not earn 1 penny of the tip I left. I only left 3 bucks but seriously I shouldn't have even left that.

    I would advise anyone looking to get their nails done to AVOID this place. They are rude and the quality of their work is shabby and rushed. I will definitely go somewhere else for my next mani-pedi.

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    August 22, 2008

    I met a friend of mine for a pedicure in Richmond Hill and Soft Radiance Nail & Spa is the place that she suggested. It is located at 10441 Yonge Street (905) 292 1320. I found the service to be impeccable. The salon is average in terms of looks but the service and staff make up for that. A pedicure is $25 while both a mani and pedi is $35. At first I was skeptical on what my results would be because the lady was painting my toes so quicky but the results were great and I would recommend this place if you are looking to get a quick mani/pedi done.

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