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Tatouage Artistique is a tattoo shop located in Montreal, Quebec. The owner is Keith Stewart and has over 30 years of tattooing experience. For more information, go to http://www.schefferville.net/TatouageArtistique.html.

    Address: 823 Rue Ontario E
    Montreal, Quebec H2L1P1
    Phone: 514-529-8288

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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    July 31, 2012

    My sisters and I decided we would all get a fleur de lis to symbolize our relationship. We decided on Tatouage artistique since one of my sisters had gotten her first tattoo 15 years ago from there. All three of us decided on different styles of the fleur de lis.

    Everything seemed fine at first until my artist put the stencil I had chosen on me. I realized the one my older sister had was more the kind I was looking for but I simply wanted to TEST OUT her stencil to see what it looked like. The idea really wasn't to try a million different stencils, it was really between hers or the one I chose. My artist (I wish I remember his name) gave me such attitude and basically told me that this isn't a clothing store where you can try a bunch of different things and that I have to chose which fleur de lis I wanted. If he put the other one on me, that would mean I would get it. Basically, I felt like he was pressuring me and when I said that in that case I won't get either, he told me I would still have to pay a fee because he`"set up". I mean come on! There was NOBODY else in the shop. He clearly just wanted to go home. After getting my sister's opinion I stayed with my original choice but with absoluelty no help from this guy. In my mind, making your customer feel comfiortable with putting something permanent on their body should be taken seriously. Either way, I left there feeling pretty badly and on top of everything else, the lady artist working there tattooed my sister's fleur de lis on crooked! And the other guy working on my other sister also gave her a hard time on the size. All in all, I will never go back there and woudl never reccommend anyone go there.

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    April 16, 2010

    I got two tattoos at Tatouage Artistique a while back. Danny was very nice, mercifully quiet at times, and funny at others(ie: when the gun isn't going). The price is great(30$ for a 12 inch long and 2 inch high lettering style tattoo on my ribs) and he ended up doing a free touch-up on my wrist tattoos that had been patchily done years ago by another artist. It's cash only and first come, first served. Highly recommended.

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