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Bounce Reviews

Bounce Dryer Sheets
I recommend this product. I only use this product. My family only used bounce in the drier nothing else. I use the regular bounce and the no dye for sensitive bounce. I never had no problem with this product and I don't think I will try another product.

Bounce Bursts In Wash Scent Booster
I love using Bounce in wash scent boosters. They’re super easy to use and I love how nice our clothes smell afterwards. The scent lasts for a long time, which is great! It’s not too strong or overpowering which I love! Whenever it goes on sale, I usually buy a couple bottles...

Bounce fabric softener sheets in sweet dreams
I have used a lot of different kinds a drier sheets and bounce is number one! No static and the smell is amazing. The only issue I have is it is pretty pricey other then that great product

Bounce Awakenings Renewing Rain Fabric Softener Sheets
With some dryer sheets I find myself grabbing two or three to get rid of all of the static cling. It is not that way with Bounce ! One sheet does the job AND it smells wonderful !

Bounce Dryer Bar
Bounce Dryer Bar

36 reviews

I was tired of having static cling in my cloths and hated the fact that was constantly using disposable dryer sheets which are expensive and, dont last very long in my house. Some times i was forgetting to even put them in the dryer or they were getting stuck in my lint trap...