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At Chapman’s, we’re very proud to be Canada’s largest independent ice cream manufacturer but we’ll never outgrow the community of Markdale, Ontario in which we live and work. A sense of belonging and a feeling of family permeates the atmosphere at Chapman's Ice Cream. We may be located in a village and a little off the beaten track, but we’ll never be out of touch with our customers and we’ll always respond to their needs with quality products at affordable prices.

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Chapman's Reviews

Chapman's Super Premium Plus Cookie Jar
Chapman's Super Premium Plus Cookie Jar was a family favorite! I did have a hard time finding this delicious ice cream at my local supermarkets and so it will likely not be on my regular shpping list. I will search for it for special occassions however as it is very tasty.

Chapman's Super Premium Plus Salty Caramel Crunch
Carmel crunch premium ice cream is an absolute delight! From the moment you take your first scoop, you'll be transported to a world of creamy indulgence. The texture is incredibly smooth, and the flavors are rich and authentic. The caramel flavor is spot-on, not overly sweet...

Chapman's Super Premium Plus Vanilla Trilogy
The ice cream is so creamy more than everything I ever tasted. This type of vanilla is a really high quality and is good for sundae, milkshake or just like that.

Chapman's Super Premium Plus Chocolate Lover
J'ai adoré le produits. Le gout est excellent et onctueuse. Le seul petit point faible est le prix, je trouve qu'elle est un peu dispendieuses.Je la recommande fortement.

Chapman's Super Premium Plus The Only Strawberry
I received this product free in exchange for my honest review. Unfortunately, my local Loblaws did not have the vanilla in stock but I was able to try the strawberry and it was so creamy and had big chunks of real strawberries in it. Definitely a premium ice cream. Great size...

Chapman's Super Premium Plus Cold Brew Coffee
As both a coffee and dessert fan I really liked this ice cream and I appreciate that their packaging is certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Chapman’s Premium Pistachio and Almonds Ice Cream
I heard about this from my brother, and figured I'd try it. I didn't expect it to be as good as it is! Very yummy, refreshing, and a light but good flavour. Usually a pretty good price, even better when it's on sale. I personally prefer chocolate, but this is a nice option when...

Chapman's Super Premium Plus Cherry Chocolate Truffle
I really liked this ice cream with the subtle but flavourful cherry flavour. I loved the pieces and the pieces of truffle chocolate! It was nice that not every bite had a piece in it so you could still really get the cherry flavour. It was super creamy and premium tasting as...

Chapman’s Twister Super Cone Ice Cream with Chocolatey Centre
I really enjoyed these ice cream, but giving 4 stars as I wasn't very fond of the taste of the chocolate come it just had a weird taste but they were still good and I ate them and enjoyed them but other than the chocolate cone they were amazing and so delicious and I will buy...

Chapman’s Twister Super Cone Ice Cream with Caramel Centre
Great texture and amazing flavour you can taste vanilla and chocolate. Good brand. Its very affordable price to buy too. Great to consume cone in summertime. I would highly recommend others and my friends to buy too.

Chapman’s Cookies & Cream and Milk Chocolate Ice Cream Bar
L'enrobage chocolaté a très bon goût et la crème glacée est délicieuse. La seule chose que j'aurais à dire est que le format est très petit. Se mange en 4 bouchées.

Chapman's Super Premium Plus Chocolate & Brownies
I loved this ice cream brand! It was so good and delicious, and I would buy this again, awesome for kids and adults. Many flavours to choose from, and better than any other ice cream brand.

Chapman's Canadian Peaches & Cream Frozen Yogurt
Great tasting product. I would love it in frozen yogurt as well. I have also tried the blueberry and cream and it was also good! I will be buying this peach one regularly.

Chapman's Original Canadian Maple Crunch Ice Cream
Chapman’s ice cream is a regular in our home. We love that their original ice cream is gluten free. They have so many flavours. The maple crunch is definitely a great addition. I also love the design.

Chapman's Canadian Blueberries & Cream Frozen Yogurt
I was so excited to receive this product to try for free. With the hot summer months upon us, I was looking forward to serving this to my family for dessert. It was so good! Creamy, fresh, with lots of blueberries!