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At Chapman’s, we’re very proud to be Canada’s largest independent ice cream manufacturer but we’ll never outgrow the community of Markdale, Ontario in which we live and work. A sense of belonging and a feeling of family permeates the atmosphere at Chapman's Ice Cream. We may be located in a village and a little off the beaten track, but we’ll never be out of touch with our customers and we’ll always respond to their needs with quality products at affordable prices.

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Soap Hockey 2.0 - we’re here for the beauty chirps! 😄 Just like our Yukon collection of treats that are as BIG as C… https://t.co/zOYnGCKj4c

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@navbassi 😊 Glad you like it, Nav!

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Chapman's Reviews

Chapman’s Premium Pistachio and Almonds Ice Cream
I've been a long time buyer of Chapman's Premium range of ice cream tubs, and when this flavour came out I was a little skeptical as to whether I'd like it. I am delighted to be in the wrong - it was FANTASTIC! So creamy, and the little pieces of Almond were a delightful texture...

Chapman’s Twister Super Cone Ice Cream with Chocolatey Centre
I really enjoyed these ice cream, but giving 4 stars as I wasn't very fond of the taste of the chocolate come it just had a weird taste but they were still good and I ate them and enjoyed them but other than the chocolate cone they were amazing and so delicious and I will buy...

Chapman’s Twister Super Cone Ice Cream with Caramel Centre
I thought the blend of the vanilla ice cream and the chocolate ice cream was well put together reminded me of the ice cream truck ice cream cone but better as it had a filled center. The dark chocolate cone also tasted not too sweet.

Chapman’s Cookies & Cream and Milk Chocolate Ice Cream Bar
I am a big fan of Chapman Ice-creams and like a lot of their flavours but this flavour does not measure up personally. Ice-creams are supposed to be sweet I understand but this seems to be extra sweet which I did not like much. The cookie pieces also don't help much. On top of...

I buy these when there on sale. My friend just loves them. He can't just eat one. The only thing is you have to be careful when your biting in them for the first time. If you don't let them sit out of the freezer for a few minutes before you bite, you can break your tooth. They...

Chapman's Black Jack Cherry Frozen Yogurt
Sincerement tout le monde devrait avoir de la chapman dans son congélateur c’est vraiment une crème glacée qui a fait ses preuves et tout le monde devrait y gouter

Chapman's Sundae
Chapman's Sundae

85 reviews

je n'en retrouve plus dans mon épicerie mais probablement le truc le plus succulent que j'ai manger dans le rayon de la crème glacé dans les 15 dernières années!!

Chapman's Super Cone
This ice cream is one of the best grocery store ice cream cones available. It is also one of the cheapest and a great option for those with larger famillies. The cone is crunchy, ice cream is creamy, and the centre is very delicious specially the cherry and the caramel.

Chapman's Original Chocolate & Vanilla Checkerboard Ice Cream
With so many flavor options, packaging variety and always great flavor..this is our #1 favorite ice cream brand. It's fairly priced allowing us to buy more than 1..because who doesnt want 2 flavors!

Chapman's Black Cherry Ice Cream
A few years ago I had received a Coupon for a Free (upto $4.00) Chapman’s IceCream Products. So I used it and picked the Blackcherry Icecream and WOW it was so Flavoured and Lots & Lots of cherries cut n halves ( i think halves their pretty big chunks) and all you taste every...

Chapman's Frozen Yogurt Dutch Chocolate
I love this product because it is decadent but I still feel like I’m not indulging too much because it is frozen yogurt and not ice cream. :) The flavour is delicious and really is a treat.

Chapman's Caramel Pecan Crunch Frozen Yogurt
I never was into the frozen yogurt thing ice cream the only thing i knew and wasnt sure about yogurt being frozen To be honest hihi.Once ive tried the caramel pecan crunch i totally fell love with it. It was just tasting so good. Even m'y kids were sceptic about it and theyre...

Chapman's Li'l Sammich
I have a total sweet tooth, and ice cream sandwiches are a weakness of mine. These lil sandwiches are bite size and fit in the palm of my hand ! It satisfies my craving without making me feel like I overindulged in sugar. Perfect size for kids too. Highly recommend !

Chapman's Premium French Vanilla Ice Cream
I eat this stuff all the time there are so many options to choose from between cones, sandwiches, tubs, and sugar free options the possibilities are endless

Chapmans yukon icecream cones
Chapman's is another amah-zing local to me company that not only makes the best ice cream products around, but also loves to support the local community. The Canadian Collection Chocolate Ice Cream Cones are the perfect treat to keep in the freezer for those hot summer days (or...