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At Chapman’s, we’re very proud to be Canada’s largest independent ice cream manufacturer but we’ll never outgrow the community of Markdale, Ontario in which we live and work. A sense of belonging and a feeling of family permeates the atmosphere at Chapman's Ice Cream. We may be located in a village and a little off the beaten track, but we’ll never be out of touch with our customers and we’ll always respond to their needs with quality products at affordable prices.

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Chapmans_Canada  Chapman's Ice Cream

Did you know that Tahitian Vanilla is one of the most flavourful vanilla beans in the world? Our new Premium Tahiti… https://t.co/nByBz5GKTw

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Chapmans_Canada  Chapman's Ice Cream

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake from @TheRecipeRebel is so easy to make and so fun to eat. https://t.co/Q6fJWzQV25… https://t.co/32AJbP5D8x

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New restrictions due to COVID-19 presented many non-profit organizations, like REACH, with challenges in doing fund… https://t.co/3hEPA8q7xI

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Chapman's Reviews

Chapman's Ice Cream in Caramel
I love all the various flavours in the Chapmans collection but this one just might be the best of the bunch. Great value and very hard to eat just one at a time.

Chapman's Sundae
Chapman's Sundae

84 reviews

My husband loves the amazing flavor of this strawberry sundae ice cream he will sit down and eat the whole thing in one sitting I always purchase this product when it goes on sale so that there's always some on hand I would recommend this product to anyone

Chapman's Black Jack Cherry Frozen Yogurt
I purchase Chapmans Black Jack Cherry Frozen Yogurt regularly for years. However, yesterday when I made my latest purchase I notice it hardly had black cherries and much fewer cherry chocolate truffles. Have they changed the ratio recently?

Chapman's Original Chocolate & Vanilla Checkerboard Ice Cream
I often purchase this product, I am severely allergic to tree nuts so it’s perfect for me. I find it hard finding ice cream with no tree nuts. And the taste is great. They also have a good range of variet to choose from.

Chapman's Super Cone
I love the taste of these amazing chocolate and vanilla ice cream cones I will sit down and eat these while watching t.v. as my evening snack they're very tasty always purchase these when they're on for at a great price I would recommend this product to anyone

Chapman's Caramel Pecan Crunch Frozen Yogurt
I never was into the frozen yogurt thing ice cream the only thing i knew and wasnt sure about yogurt being frozen To be honest hihi.Once ive tried the caramel pecan crunch i totally fell love with it. It was just tasting so good. Even m'y kids were sceptic about it and theyre...

Chapman's Black Cherry Ice Cream
OOOhhhh, ever since i was a kid I've always loved that delicious black cherry ice cream.There's so many cherries to chew, it's so good you'll want more and more!

Chapman's Frozen Yogurt
I love Chapman's frozen yogurt. You don't feel as guilty eating it as you do eating ice cream which is nice. It's also lighter and good for me as I'm a little lactose sensistive. The only think I wish is that they offered it in smaller containers. For a home with only 2 people...

Chapman's banana popsicles
J'ai acheter le spop si le aux bananes de la marque Chapman. Je peux vous assurer que le goût a dépasser mes attentes. Ils sont vraiment goûteux. Pas trop sucre nous avons adoré

Chapman's Super Lolly Chocolate
Une succulente friandise glacé fait par la compagnie Chapman's. Tout les membres de ma famille ont adoré se sucrer le bec avec les super lolly chocolaté. Un succulent dessert peu calorique, 70 calorie par barre. Bref un pur délice! Essayer vous ne n'allez pas être déçu!...

Chapman's Ice Cream Sandwiches
I bought these on a whim. I like Chapman's Ice Cream, and while I rarely eat ice cream sandwiches these days, I had a craving. They were very tasty and not too big, which I liked. But they don't melt! I guess that's supposed to be a good thing, but it freaked me out. They seem...

Chapman's Ice Cream
We keep this in the freezer at all times. It tastes great and curbs our sweet craving. I love the vanilla flavour, as it goes well with so many different toppings.

Chapman's Super Frosty
I love Chapmans ice cream and we all eat it up real fast in our house and these are no different. A frosty chocolate ice cream covered in a chocolatey coating is a super thing to have on a hot summer day or even as a treat after you've had a huge workout to cool yourself down

Chapman's Frozen Yogurt Dutch Chocolate
Quel délice! Ce yogourt glacé au chocolat à tout de la crème glacé traditionnelle, mais parvient à lever la barre encore plus haute! Le goût du chocolat est bien net et présent. Ce dessert est gouteux tout en ne souffrant pas de calories inutiles. Miam!

Chapmans Frozen Yogurt Crispy Peanut Butter Crunch
You know that first bite of ice cream? How it’s so delicious and satisfying? Well, every bite of this frozen yogurt is like that first bite! It has a rich and creamy flavour from the peanut butter ripple, and I love the texture of the chocolatey chunks and crunchy toffee...