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Dial® offers a wide range of products — from body wash and bar soap to hand soap and lotion, the products provide benefits like moisture, exfoliation, protection, replenishment and more!

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Dial Reviews

Dial Coconut Water Body Wash
If you're a coconut scent lover like myself, this body wash is the one for you. It's very lightly scented but smells so amazing. It leaves your body feeling extra clean and fresh.

Dial Greek Yogurt Vanilla Honey Body Wash
leaves your skin super-soft and very moisturize I use it as my daily body wash would definitely recommend. Very good price for product and very affordable.

Dial Spring Water All Day Freshness Body Wash
This is the only body wash my family uses! It leaves your skin soft and smelling amazing with no residue. Your skin feels clean and refreshed every time. And we love that it comes in a large size with a pump for extra convenience.

Dial 2 in 1 Moisturizing & Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash Manuka Honey
Great scent and works overall great! Cant go wrong for the price! Convenient size and available with ease at grocery stores and pharmacies. Definitely going to purchase again!

Dial for Men Triple Action Shave, Shower, Shampoo
tried out this Dial for men Triple Action which says its for Shave/Shower and shampoo. Definitely helps save time looking for other products when you are in a rush and need to shower and shave in a hurry.Smells great and not strong so not too bad for shaving. Not something I...

Dial Soy and Almond Milk Restoring Body Wash
The body wash didn't leave that filmy feeling you sometimes get when using other nourishing body washes. It also smells really great and was good with my sensitive skin.

Dial Ocean Splash Hydrating Hand Soap
Dial had fail me on this scent. It more target to males. Unless you a female like guy fragrance. Also, I wouldn't say it hydrate hands after washing them, it left more dry.

dial vanilla honey hand soap
I buy this soap to use in our kitchen. I found that always using dish soap to wash my hands with dries them out really bad. This Dial hand soap is very soothing and keeps my hands soft and does not dry them out at all. I cook a lot and we all know that we need to keep our hands...

Dial Gel Hand Sanitizer
Really nice hand sanitizer not too waterey and not too gooey just the right consistency. Comes in different scents which is a bonus and smells nice. This brand also comes in smaller travel sizes as well. Overall would reccomend!

Dial Gold Anti-Bacterial Bar Soap
I definitely recommend! This soap has a very nice scent but at the same time it leaves your skin feeling so soft and moisturized. Can’t go wrong with price!

Dial Kids Peachy Clean
The pump action dispenser is amazing in regards to being easily accessible for your child, and easy to use not a lot of tension in the spring! The peachy smell is amazing and I catch myself smelling my sons hair when it is cuddle time. My son claims that it burns a little when...

Dial Hibiscus Water Hydrating Body Wash
It's all about the fragrance for me. Of course, I appreciate that its reasonably priced and the size is great but the smell is AMAZING! There's a rich lather to this body wash and there is no residue left on your skin. Trust me and give it a try.

Dial Kids Watery Melon FOAMING HAND WASH
This is the best product I have found for my grandkids. Kids like using it, because its fun and fast. I don't have to remind them to wash their hands.

dial soap refill
This Dial handsoap smells so good and gets you in the Christmas mood it smells so good and is great for refills you have to get this best soap ever worth the price!

Dial Silk & Magnolia Restoring Body Wash
I am a huge fan of this body wash! It lathers so well that I only have to use about half as much as I do with other products. The smell is so nice and not overpowering.