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Earth's Own

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Earth's Own Reviews

I enjoy the taste of this almond milk. We use it for drinking, baking, cereal, and in our coffee. I do have concerns about the environmental impact of producing almond milk.

Earth's Own - Oat Milk Barista Edition
I searched for months for a companion to my coffee. Once I stopped consuming dairy, my coffee became depressed and sad and I had a tough time enjoying it's company each morning. I kept trying various nut milks and then I discovered Oats! You can shake the carton and it froths...

Earth's Own So Fresh Almond Nog
I had the opportunity to try Almond’s Own So Fresh Almond Nog. Almond’s Own is my beverage of choice and I was excited to try their holiday Almond Nog. It has a mild scent when you open the bottle but once you take a sip, it has a delicious nutmeg taste that lingers in your...

Earth’s own so fresh oat milk
I am unable to have normal milk but when I could drink it, I loved the "Heaviness" of milk.. not like almond milk which to me tastes like water (nothing against people who love it just not for me) But Oat milk gives me that "heavy" feeling that I have been missing, and this...

Earth's Own SoFresh Oat Unsweetened Original
This has been my go-to since I've discovered it. Works great with coffees or chocolate milk but also delicious by itself. Naturally has a slight sweet taste to it even though I get the unsweetened version. I also love that it uses 7x less water than almond milk, and that it is a...

Earth’s own unsweetened vanilla almond milk
All throughout my life I haven't been very tolerant of dairy. A few years ago I cut it out completely (and by extension, my family no longer eats it either lol) I was always using nut milk but never really loved it. Then I tried Oat Milk. Creamy and wonderful, it is my...

Earth’s Own Vanilla Oat Milk
This oat milk is so creamy! I find that oat milk also froths fairly well - I love lattes so this is a bonus for me! It is so versatile that I use it in everything!

Earths own almond so fresh vanilla
I use this for baking or with cereal. Tastes great if you are looking for a dairy free option that's better for the environment. Nice light vanilla taste.

Earth's Own Cashew Milk Unsweetened
I use the unsweetened Earth's Own Cashew milk as my dairy alternative when preparing shakes for my keto lifestyle; it has similar creaminess to a regular dairy milk but without the lactose that causes sugar spikes

Earth's Own Almond SoFresh Chocolate
I cant have dairy so I always buy almond milk and between the few I go back and forth with I'm always getting this one! I usually get it when it's on sale because it's a little more then the others but it's worth it my fiance would rather this then regular chocolate milk! Only...

Earth's Own Almond Fresh: Coconut
I was saddened by my purchase of a mouldy carton of this milk. It was mouldy within 1 day of opening rather than 7-10. I've never had this issue with any non-dairy almond milks (and I have tried pretty much every one available at my grocer). For the 1 day that I could drink it...

Earth's own amore' Almond Dairy
Nothing to write home about, I tried the vanilla and it was nothing special. Something was off about the mix, think they should just have almond milk on it's own and dairy milk on it's own. The two do not work well together; at least they have not gotten a winning formula.

Earth's Own Almond on the Go!
Love love love these. A great addition to the diaper bag. Because of the aseptic packaging i am able to take them anywhere for a long period of time and not worry about it turning. Goodbye sippy cup of almond milk. To go is the only way... to go!