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Earth's Own - Oat Milk Barista Edition Reviews

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    June 30, 2020
    Quebec, Canada

    Popular in my household

    Plant-based milk alternatives have exploded in popularity in the last few years, with things like rice milk and almond milk being much easier to find than before. Recently oat milk has become very popular in my house, replacing cow’s milk in almost all situations for my partner. This 12 pack of oat milk is great value for your money and comes with the added “Barista Edition” as a bonus as well.

    The Barista Edition refers to the fact that this milk will not split when you steam it to create a foam for coffee. I also found that simply shaking the carton vigorously caused it to foam up nicely in a pinch. Adding hot oat milk foam is a great addition to your morning coffee, but even without foaming oat milk is a great compliment to things like coffee or cereal. Oat milk has a slightly thicker, richer flavour and texture compared to cow’s milk which really enhances the flavour of foods. Some people are also happy to drink it out of a glass, but my partner finds that it’s best used to add it to other foods and drinks.

    If you’re curious about the taste of oat milk, it’s hard to describe because it’s a very neutral flavour but it has a distinct taste or feel to it compared to cow’s milk. It’s not thick like cream, but it does seem thicker than 3% milk. Unlike some milk alternatives (coconut milk for example) there’s no risk of oat milk overwhelming the flavour of what you’re eating, so it adds to the food or drink rather than changing the taste of it.

    The benefits to the environment are another good reason to try oat milk, as growing the oats necessary to make the same amount of milk produces MUCH less greenhouse gases, uses less land, and consumes much less water.

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