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equate Reviews

Equate makeup remover
These wipes are extremely gentle and very good at removing makeup. You don't have to wipe or scrub too hard, even to remove waterproof mascara. They're not heavily scented, which is a bit of a drawback for me because I like a fresh cleansing scent, but this also means that they...

Equate Cotton Balls
These are great for soaking my nails with acetone. I actually only use half of one cotton ball per nail, so I tear them apart. They work well and absorb nicely.

equate first aid antibiotic
I am the mother of a 6 year old boy. We go through this stuff like crazy. After buying and name brand I decided to give the equate brand a try. Honestly can't tell the difference.

Equate alcohol swabs
I started using these for travelling for swabbing my ears before putting earrings in. Can be used if you have a cut or if you have diabetes for checking your sugar. I get a box very cheap and last awhile!

equate cleansing and exfoliating towelettes
Great value wipes with little to no drying qualities which is surprising for an exfoliating wipe doesn’t affect my sensitive skin and has a nice refreshing smell

Equate Baby Wash and Shampoo
this works great... lathers up nice and cleans and softens makes babies hair soft and manageable

Equate Dandruff shampoo
I have bought this green apple flavoured shampoo and it looked similar to head and shoulders and I expected it to work well. It doesn’t work for dandruff well for me atleast It made my dandruff flaky and it fell. My condition got aggravated.

Equate quilted pads
Equate quilted pads are great for removing eye make up, nail polish, and other various things. They are an alright quality, considering their price. They are better in my opinion for less delicate jobs such as removing nail polish, over removing eye make up. That is because...

Equate gripe water
Gets the job done! Just like any gripe water except cheaper. Recommend to anyone with a fussy, gassy baby. As soon as my daughter took this she was calm.

Equate Facial Wpes
These remove my makeup but not super well and they make my eyes burn so bad it's almost unbearable. Willl never buy these again and would not recommend them. It wasn't worth saving a couple bucks, will stick to Neutrogena.

Equate Tea Tree Oil
Great product. Definitely minimizes blemishes and helps to clear them in no time. I would definitely recommend using tea tree oil

Equate Multiple Vitamin and Iron Tablets
I have used Equate's Adults Woman's Formula Mutivitamin daily for years now. it is very effect. It helps me get the stuff I need that I don't get from not eating properly. :)

Equate Ibuprofen 400mg
This is the brand my family use Equate Ibuprofen 400mg..Works as intended and has a great price..With a lager family every dollar saved helps.But not For for Children..

equate make up remover cloths
I love how quick and convenient these are for removing eye makeup!! I never bought into the bottled makeup remover. I have no doubt they do the job well, it just never seemed to stick in my routine. These are my one and only Go-To. I use them on my hands too after I finish...

Equate Grape flavour Vitamin C chewables
I need to make sure that I get enough vitamin C, and these yummy chewable tablets make it a joy to use them.