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Febreze sprays, candles, and scented oil warmers eliminates odours from air and fabrics in your home and car. ChickAdvisor members love to deodorize with Febreze Extra Strength sprays, Febreze Noticeables Alternating Scent Oil Warmers, and Febreze Flameless Luminary Candles.

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Febreze Reviews

Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator
I have a teenage daughter who plays tackle football... her clothes are NOT fun to wash. Her socks and pants UGHH, they are the worst. Before I found the febreeze fabric refresher I promise you I would wash her socks and they would still smell after they were dried. After I...

Febreze Unstopables Fabric Refresher in Shimmer
What can I say I absolutely LOVE this product ! The smell is absolutely amazing! I use it everywhere my living room bed rooms bathrooms just everywhere it’s just amazing!

Glad Easy-Tie Large Kitchen Catchers Garbage Bags with Febreze Freshness
Was a little "iffy " on trying these ones, but much to my surprise, I was quite impressed how these smelled after a couple of days out and filled. But they won me over. They kept their smell, as most febreeze products do. A must have with cat owners

Gain Hawaiian Aloha with Febreze Freshness Liquid Laundry Detergent
Of all the different Gain detergent variants, this one is my favorite. It’s scent is perfect for me. Our clothes are clean and soft. Best thing also is I always buy it on sale :-)

Gain Tropical Sunrise Flings With Oxi Boost & Febreze Freshness
Gain Tropical Sunrise Flings With Oxi Boost & Febreze Freshness are so easy to use! No messy spills of soap just toss in with yoir clothes and go! They provide a wonderful scent when doing laundry that lasts . Days later everything still smells great. I open my closet and it...

Febreze fabric refresher with tide
Never tried this before my dog got sprayed by a skunk. I sprayed my furniture with this and I love tide smell it really helped with the odor in the room and on the furniture I bought it again after

Febreze Unstopables Fabric Refresher in Lush
I am not a huge fan of spray air fresheners but this one is definitely the exception. It smells so amazing and the scent actually lasts. It’s great for furniture, cars or just spraying in the air. It’s one of the best scents out there.

Love Mr. Clean. Love febreeze. Put them together and you have me sold on a product for life. This smells so good and works like a charm.cgreat value. I will always repurchase this product

Febreze Car Vent Clip Freshener Midnight Storm
I picked one of these up, and fell in love! It has a strong scent, but not too strong that it is overbearing. I have also found it to last, for quite a while compared to other brands I have tried. It is easy to clip onto the vent, and can be moved as well. I definitely...

Febreze fabric refresher -antibacterial
This has been my bestfriend for refreshing linens and other items in my house that is not easily washed. Having 2 large dogs and a cat our house easily stinks. I have tried other air fresheners and vaporizers but nothing works until I tried this. This has been a game changer...

Bounce sheets with febreze
I really like the smell of these bounce sheets. They leave my clothes static free and smelling fresh and clean. I would recommend this product to others.

Febreze Air - Fresh Citrus
jaime bien comment il est fait un coup de pitch l odeur change l air sa dure longtemps ses vraiment efficace jaime bien le concepte je vais en racheter je les adopter ..

Febreze Sleep Serenity Bedroom Mist in Honey and Warm Milk
I've used this for several years. I only use it around my litter box because it's scent masks the litter odour but it's not a overwhelming scent. I don't usually like vanilla scents but this is tolerable

Febreze NOTICEables with Tide Original Scent Starter Kit Air Freshener
if you love the smell of tide in your laundry, then youre going to love the scent of tide in your home! my favourite scent in the febreze noticable line. one kit lasts about one month on the lowest setting. even in the lowest setting, it can keep a small room smelling fresh. i...

Febreze Car Vent Clips - Vanilla Latte
I first used this Ferbreze vent freshener in my car when I was traveling quite frequently with my dog. I couldn’t believe how it took the smell of wet dog out of my car and in no time. I love the scent and the fact that it kills the odours.