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Febreze sprays, candles, and scented oil warmers eliminates odours from air and fabrics in your home and car. ChickAdvisor members love to deodorize with Febreze Extra Strength sprays, Febreze Noticeables Alternating Scent Oil Warmers, and Febreze Flameless Luminary Candles.

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Febreze Reviews

Febreze AIR Fresh Harvest Pumpkin
I love fall. I saw a can of febreeze pumpkin and grabbed it up. You guys!! I sprayed it over an hour ago and i can still smell it. I have 4 kids and 2 dogs so needless to say this scent is incredible.

febreze air fresh cut pine
WOW! En ce début de Décembre et avec le temps des fêtes qui arrive, rien de mieux qu'une odeur de pin dans toute la maison! Je vaporise avant que la visite arrive et tout le monde demande qu'est ce qui sent aussi bon! Il ne camoufle pas les mauvaise odeurs, il les neutralise!...

Febreze air
Febreze air

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Febreze air freshener blood orange & spritz smells amazing. The citrus smell last a long time and make sure your house smell so good. Definitely will be purchasing again.

Febreze Unstopables Fabric Refresher in Shimmer
What can I say I absolutely LOVE this product ! The smell is absolutely amazing! I use it everywhere my living room bed rooms bathrooms just everywhere it’s just amazing!

Febreze CAR Vent Clips in Hawaiian Aloha
This is the only type of air freshener that I like for my van. The smell is great, it lasts for quite awhile, and people who ride in my van always says it smells good.

Febreze Fabric Refresher
Febreze fabric Refresher is a great product for all types of clothing or bedsheets, curtains after just a few sprays it makes it smell even better than before it is great if u are going to work or even on clothing that haven’t been worsen for some time

Gain Tropical Sunrise Flings With Oxi Boost & Febreze Freshness
Gain Tropical Sunrise Flings With Oxi Boost & Febreze Freshness are so easy to use! No messy spills of soap just toss in with yoir clothes and go! They provide a wonderful scent when doing laundry that lasts . Days later everything still smells great. I open my closet and it...

Glad Easy-Tie Large Kitchen Catchers Garbage Bags with Febreze Freshness
These work really good, hold up even in heavy trash. They smell great, no trash smell at all. We have to keep our trash inside til The day of the week it's trash pickup and there's no trashy smell at all.

Febreze fabric refresher with tide
Never tried this before my dog got sprayed by a skunk. I sprayed my furniture with this and I love tide smell it really helped with the odor in the room and on the furniture I bought it again after

Tide Pods Plus Febreze
These tide pods are great and I love that they have febreeze in them to keep your clothes smelling fresher for longer. They work great in all washing machines and there are no stains left in your clothes

Febreze One Fabric and Air Mist
Not only does this smell fabulous but you can you this in the air or on fabrics which I absolutely love as a person who has dogs and children that have some nasty smelling shoes.. it's a little on the exspensive side but it works!

Gain Hawaiian Aloha with Febreze Freshness Liquid Laundry Detergent
I was curious to try Gain as it is not a laundry detergent that I have used before. It had a nice scent when adding it to my laundry. Gain did a great job and my clothes came out clean with any stains out. My clothes have a nice scent but it is not overpowering. I am...

Love Mr. Clean. Love febreeze. Put them together and you have me sold on a product for life. This smells so good and works like a charm.cgreat value. I will always repurchase this product

Febreze Car Vent Clip Freshener Midnight Storm
I picked one of these up, and fell in love! It has a strong scent, but not too strong that it is overbearing. I have also found it to last, for quite a while compared to other brands I have tried. It is easy to clip onto the vent, and can be moved as well. I definitely...

Tide Pods with Febreze
TIde pods with febreze have a lasting fragrance and is great on stains. I have a 1 year old who can make the worst stains and Tide pods with febreze get them all out. They are also gentle enough to wash his baby clothes in.