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Gillette is an American safety razor manufacturer that was introduced in 1895. The brand also produces personal care products. Since 2005, they have been a part of Procter & Gamble. Gillette products reviewed on ChickAdvisor include the Venus Embrace Razor, Pure Divine Body Wash and Satin Care Vanilla Dream.

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Gillette Reviews

Gillette Venus Tropical Razor
These are the best razors for women. They smell amazing. They stay very sharp for incrediblely long. They never rust when left in the shower also i dont even need to use shaving gel or soap (water is a musta have)

Gillette Satin Care Shower Lotion
It's winter time...which means I am already going crazy because of my dry, itchy skin! I received this as a b-day gift and what a gift! It provides some extra moisture I seem to loose this time of year. It says on the bottle to use after you shave your legs but I use it...

Gillette Power Beads Clear Gel Anti-Perspirant
l more confortable in public an at. works no more stress i am more sure of m'y self This déodorant sent and the effective makes This Product one of the best on the marquet.

Gillette Series Shave Gel
Sent Bon Et laisse la Peau douce, c est agréable.

Gillette 3X Invisible Solid Anti-Perspirant
This antiperspirant leaves white marks on your clothing and you still sweat with it on. It has a nice smell but that's it. I find this product to be a bit expensive especially that it doesn't work very well. It claims to not leave white marks but I found it to do the opposite.

Gillette Pure Divine Body Wash
This is one of my favorite body washs. It never dries out my skin and I LOVE the scent. It's a thicker body wash and not super watery which I'm happy about. It last for a good amount of time and the packing is nice.

Gillette Venus Disposables
I have course dark hair and Venus is the only smooth shaved I can achieve! It's comfortable, does not nick and lasts quite a few shaves before it gets dull.

Gillette Venus Malibu Razor
I love this razor, especially because of the aroma!! I believe that the head that contains the razor blades is alot wider and longer than your traditional disposable razor blades and it has an enhanced grip. The handle of the Gillette Venus Embrace is meant to be reused, and...

Gillette Foamy Moisturizing Shaving Cream
I am a very hairy girl I have to shave every week this is one of the products that I love using it keeps me moisturized and it helps get rid of the hair on my legs

Gillette Clean & Condition 2 in 1 Shampoo
This is a low priced shampoo for a reason. Lathers well but that is where the good stuff stops. It does not clean and is very drying.This Gillette shampoo is a hard pass for me.

Gillette Venus Simply Pink Razor
I unfortunately did not have a good experience with this razor. Pricing was a bit high for the product. Didn't provide the smoothness that I thought it would as described on packaging.

Gillette Satin Care Vanilla Dream
This is by far the best shaving cream I have ever purchased. It was on sale at Shoppers so I picked it up and it is amazing. I only needed about a quarter size amount per each leg as it lathered and foamed for perfect and full coverage. It made my legs feel smooth before and...

Gillette Venus Simply Yellow Razor
I did not like using this razor. I only ever buy Venus and I found these razors were dull and hurt my legs while shaving. It felt as if they were pulling the hairs while trying to cut the hair. I found the razor did not work as well as other Venus products