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Glysomed Reviews

Glysomed Hand Cream
I have used Glysomed hand cream for several years and I love it. It makes my skin soft after my hands dry out from cleaning products or hand sanitizer. I also use it on my elbows when they are dry and flaky. I always keep a small lotion in my purse so I have it with me...

Glysomed Hand Cream chamomile &glycerine;
My hands are alway dry especially at work where I clean my counter after every customer dries my hands out. This stuff makes my skin so soft it’s not greasy and it lasts. I carry a bottle with me everywhere.

Glysomed Hand Cream chamomile &glycerine;
This hand cream works amazing on dry skin.. it keeps your hands soo moisturizing I use it for years now and trust me it’s worth every penne!! It’s not costly easily available.

Glysomed Hand Cream chamomile &glycerine;
I am truly a big fan of this hand cream- so soft, moisty and this aroma is a dope. Highly recommend this to everyone with harsh winter- best way to save your soft hands. Little pricy but would say worth every penny

Glysomed Hand Cream chamomile &glycerine;
I have tried this hand cream for the past 2 months and I really like it. It is absorbed quickly by the skin and has a very subtle fragrance. You hands feel really soft after using it.

Glysomed Hand Cream chamomile &glycerine;
I use this every time my hands are feeling super dry. The lotion is literally the most moisturizing lotion I've ever used! Also smells great! I would totally recommend it to a friend!

Glysomed Hand Cream chamomile &glycerine;
Very good product. I get extremely dry hands during the winter, and since washing my hands so much due to COVID 19 hasn’t helped that situation, my dad lent me his glysomed cream. I ran out and immediately purchased 3 more containers. Very good and works super well. A bit...

Glysomed Hand Cream chamomile &glycerine;
My hands get very dry especially now that I use so much hand sanitizer. I use this regularly now because I find it really moisturizes my skin. It's a little greasy but I like how it feels like there's a protective layer on my hands after I apply it. If you have dry skin, I...

Glysomed Hand Cream chamomile &glycerine;
I have using this cream since last 2 years. It is great hand cream. Only thing I don’t like about this cream is it doesn’t get immediately absorbed on skin and gets to other surfaces.

Glysomed Hand Cream chamomile &glycerine;
One of the cult following hand cream. This hand cream stay on hand for longer period, it stay even after washing hands. Smell is light. Best during winter months.

Glysomed Fragrance Free Hand Cream
This is easily the best hand cream I have ever used. As someone with chronically dry hands and also working in a clinical setting where I have to wash/sanitize my hands often, this hand cream has helped my skin stay very smooth. Unlike many other hand creams, this keeps your...

Glysomed Hand Cream chamomile &glycerine;
My hands used to be so dry that the skin would break open and leave wounds behind. Ever since using this product the skin on my hands is baby soft and smooth.

Glysomed Eczema Control
I can’t say enough about this product! I’m a landscaper and have really really rough hands. Especially in the winter when they get super dry and cracked. My eczema gets crazy out of control and this product is the only over the counter product that works! And I’ve tried...

Glysomed Hand Cream chamomile &glycerine;
The product worked amazingly, definitely one of the best hand creams out there. It’s a bit oily though, and is pretty thick. It smells like chamomile tea. It can be a bit pricey though, depending on where you live, but nonetheless worked well!

glysomed eczema control
I have had eczema for many years and have used tons of products and wasted tons of money on products that do not work (even those recommended by dermatologists). I currently have this product on my desk at work and use it daily. Works great for my dry hands where I get my...