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Green Beaver

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Green Beaver Reviews

Green Beaver NaturaDri™ Antiperspirant, Fresh Verve
I recently discovered this product and I must say it’s totally worth what I paid. Leaves you feeling fresh the whole day . Will definitely recommend to my family

The Green Beaver company natural Deodorant Lavender
The price was okay, the lavender fragrance was nice, but it’s so sticky and uncomfortable to use. Also didn’t find that it worked that well, but nice that it’s all natural. I’ll try another brand next time.

The green Beaver company Sweet escape natural antiperspirant
I've spent a lot of money trying different natural antiperspirant and deodorants. This is the only one that actually works for me...keeps me dry and smelling good. No gritty feeling

Green Beaver Kids Sunscreen SPF 40
My children have sensitive skin and break out in a rash (especially on their face) if they had any sunscreen on. I tried many 'sensitive' ones, but the kids still reacted. This one causes no reaction to either of my children. The one draw back is it doesn't smell the best, I'm...

Green Beaver Company - Natural Antiperspirant (Voyage)
Green Beaver Company Natural Antiperspirant (Voyage) is a good antiperspirant that has a light woodsy fresh scent to it. The Green Beaver Company is truly natural and Canadian, so it's a new favourite of mine. This anitperspirant works well for probably 6 hrs a day, and then...

Green Beaver Natural Antiperspirant - Freedom
Green Beaver Company Natural Antiperspirant (Freedom) is a good antiperspirant that has a subtle yet nice smell to it. It glides on nicely and leaves your dry for at least half the day - then you will need to clean/reapply, but shouldn't you anyways? It is a great alternative to...

The Green Beaver calming lavender baby lotion
I have been really impressed with this product because it is an hypoallergenic and smells amazing. It really has been working wonders on my baby's skin. I typically apply it at night before she goes off to sleep and have found that she sleeps very quickly after adding this...

Green Beaver Baby Wash Calming Lavender
Firstly I love the fact it is made with completely natural ingredients. It is quite gentle for the baby skin. It is actually tear free as opposed to a lot of other baby washes. Love the lavender scent which is so calming. Would definitely recommend it.

Green Beaver sunscreen spray spf 27
I love that sunscreen! Natural ingredients. It has a nice subtle scent that doesn’t attract mosquitoes. It’s easy to apply even on my super busy kids. It’s cheap (for a natural sunscreen). I’ve been buy this sunscreen for a coupole years now. I’ve tried other brands...

The Green Beaver Company Lavender Foaming Hand Soap
The green beaver company hand soap foaming in lavender scent in particular has been a household staple for us as a family. We leave the prettier and fancier soaps for guests, however for daily use natural is key and this particular hand soap works great for our family. The...

Green Beaver Natural Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 40
My daughter is super pale and burns easily. This sunscreen works great at protecting her skin. She uses it daily at daycare and has never gotten red from the sun. I do however hope it wasn't so greasy

Green Beaver Citrus Natural Deodorant
Been using this product for YEARS. Works very well and never has “B.O. leaks”. Perfect for sensitive skin, like mine. Smells very nice. Would definitely recommend

Green Beaver Natural Aluminum-Free Antiperspirant Bliss
Javais entendu beaucoup de bien sur ce produit! L’odeur est genial mais par contre il laisse les chandails de couleurs vive ou clairs tachés comme une tâche d’huile. Malheureusement les taches ne partent pas au lavage👎🏼

Green Beaver Spearmint Toothpaste
Have been using this toothpaste for years and have come to learn that many of the ingredients are harsh over long term use. My dentist was shocked when I showed them what product I had been using. It does work well but it is too abrasive.

green beaver detangle spray
My daughter, 22 months, has naturally curly hair. It's from my husband's side so I'm not familiar with the right products to use. I stumbled upon this one day and I'm pretty impressed. It's a spray so you can use it while hair is wet in the shower or kind of like dry shampoo...