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Heinz Reviews

Heinz Tomato Ketchup
From the time I was a little kid until now heinz is always what comes to mind when I think of ketchup. The taste hasn't changed from then until now. Pairs well with anything.

Heinz Pure White Vinegar
I mean it's vinegar. I don't like vinegar in my salads but my family does. It's not expensive and it meets my expectations. There's really not much to say about it but you do get a lot for your money so it's worth it. Highly recommend. Heinz is the way to go!

Heinz ketchup no sugar added
Love the Heinz no sugar added ketchup. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. I find that it tastes more natural without all the added sugar, plus it’s better for you!

Heinz Beginner Carrots Puree
Cette purée pour bébé est de très bonne qualité. Le goût de carotte est pur. La purée est excellente mais un peu sucrée. La texture est très lisse et les bébés l'adorent.

Heinz Baby Mixed Cereal
As a mother of a picky eater I can say if he refuses everything else I can come to Heinz cereals. The quality is good and my baby loves it. Especially when I mix it with the purees. Honestly speaking it atleast gives me a peace on mind that my baby ate something.

Heinz Puree Custard Dessert Baby Food
This is one of mine and my baby’s favourite desserts. Easy to carry when you are out. Easy to feed to baby while out. Filling and tasty. Would highly recommend it.

Heinz Baby Food in a Jar
My granddaughter really enjoys this baby food, it is one of her all time favorites. I would definitely buy again if my local stores have it. It's creamy and can easily be used mixed with the baby cereals for consistency and to make my granddaughter more fuller.

Heinz Mustard
Heinz Mustard

7 reviews

I love the tangy taste to this mustard and so does my daughter. I like that the bottle is upsidedown so you don't have to shake as much. One problem with the bottle though is that you have to squeeze pretty hard to get the product out and my daughter can't do it on her own...

Heinz Low Sodium Ketchup
Tried the low sodium ketchup for my family. Not a fan. It didn't have the great taste that you have from regular Heinz ketchup. Kids did't like it. They noticed the difference

Heinz Original Beans with Pork & Molasses
Not too many things in a can or good for you but this product is an exception. Beans are very nutritional and the molasses brings out the flavor of the beans with a sweet delicious taste is very unique. These go great with Pita or some hotdogs. Also these beans are a very good...

Heinz Red Kidney Beans Chili style
#Heinz (Red Kidney Beans Chili style) are great to have in your pantry. I always have a few cans I like to have them on hand to add in my recipes like chili, soups, and bean salad . Very tasty, convenient. healthy and so tasty. Great price also.

Heinz Tartar Sauce
Honestly so amazing with my fish and chips. My boyfriend uses this stuff on most of his sandwiches. We've been using this for years. Great condiment for fish for sure! Never had an issue. Just like any other heinz items.

Heinz Farley's Biscuits
my son really likes these. they are soft and melt in his mouth when he didnt have teeth yet.