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Kirkland Signature

The Kirkland Signature label today appears on about 20 percent of the products you find in your local warehouse - on everything from men's dress shirts to laundry detergent, pet food to toilet paper, canned foods to cookware, olive oil to beer, automotive products to health and beauty aids. The common element: These are Costco's signature products that offer the perfect combination of quality and price to members.

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Kirkland Signature Reviews

Kirkland organic chicken broth
Costco sells this chicken broth in bulk. This is perfect at my place because my boyfriend and I use it often when we cook. I like to use the broth for cooking my rice and quinoa. It adds a little bit of flavour. Doesn't taste overly salty.

Kirkland Signature Women's Trail Socks
Cozy and warm! These socks are fairly thick. Great for the winter. They go a little ways up the shin, which is not my usual sock preference. However, this weather has given me a new appreciation for tall socks. Stripped pattern. Black, grey and purple in color.

Kirkland Chicken Breasts- Frozen and Individually Wrapped
I actually prefer the smaller cut chicken pieces over the large individually wrapped chicken breasts in this package. I really dislike additional packaging but the product is good!

Kirkland Parchment Paper
I love using the Kirkland parchment paper when baking, cookies don’t stick the cookie sheet, right price, would recommend it for baking, and could cut it to fit the cookie sheet

Kirkland Pepperoni Pizza
This pizza is pretty good, it does the trick We love pizza in this house, probbaly a little more than we are willing to admit so it's yummy having freshnish pizza to just throw in the oven when we are inna pinch for dinner

Kirkland Signature Fruit Snacks Pouches
These have an especially delicious jelly-like quality unlike most "gummi" fruit snacks. I can't express what it is, something about the consistency, and the flavor is delicious. Mmmm.

Kirkland Signature Environmentally Friendly Ultra Liquid Dish Soap
My husband really sucks at washing dishes and he sometimes leaves the soap because he doesn’t rinse it enough. But with this brand I feel more at ease because it’s less harsh.

Kirkland Signature Borghese Lip Gloss
The color is cute for a natural look, it stays on the lips

Kirkland Signature Borghese Mineral Mascara
I purchased this product due to a dup pack and a fantastic price. It was mineral which I figured would be good for my sensitive eyes. I normally don't wear it as it can irritate my eyes. It applied well without a lot of clumping but did not have an umph factor. Colour was OK but...

Kirkland Dog Biscuits
It's not the best but nothing beats the value. My dog likes it but then again my dogs likes everything. I prefer natural treats over this but it's really affordable.

Kirkland Super Premium Maintenance Cat Chicken & Rice Formula
The costco brand cat food is a big hit at our house! All 3 of my picky cats enjoy it and after trying them on some of the fancy (read:expensive) foods that they were throwing up, I was leery to buy such a big bag! But they have all been good on it! I'm very happy with it. We...

Kirkland Signature Tilapia Loins
This is the best fish you can get frozen. Other tilapia from other brands dont and cant even come close to this tilapia. Not too thick and always cooks easy. The only negative thing I can say is sometimes the plastic is hard to get off the fish

Kirkland dog bed
Kirkland dog bed

45 reviews

I love these beds. We have them in multiple rooms in the house. We have 2 dogs and 5 cats so someone is always using the bed. It is very easy to remove the cover and wash. I love that it is 1/3 of the price of the same sized beds at other pet stores. We have had some of ours for...

Kirkland Signature Underwear for Women
These are new underwear made by the Kirkland Signature brand to offer maximum absorption during your time of the month. I think the idea is great - an underwear that provides full protection in your sleep. It's super comfortable as it wraps you up nicely. & It has a dri-fit...

Kirkland Chicken Salad
I really enjoyed this chicken salad from Costco. It had a nice quality chicken with a nice touch of onion. Was a good price I thought for what you get. Great on sandwiches, crackers or even on its own!