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method Reviews

Method All Purpose Surface Cleaner
This is my favorite surface cleaner by far, I buy it in bulk. It smells so clean and fresh and has yet to meet a mess in my house it couldn't tackle. I love that it is plant based and feel good about using it around my family. I highly recommend this.

Method All-Purpose Cleaner in Pink Grapefruit
I love this product! Smells decent and works really well. i use this all the time, doesn't hurt that it's super cute either. This product works well with grease and hard kitchen and kid messes! tested by a mom.

method gel hand wash in lime + sea salt
I love Method hand soaps (and dish soap).. and this Lime Sea Salt scent is amazing! I have it in my guest washroom and people always comment on the soap scent! I try to use mostly natural products, and appreciate the quality of the Method products.

Method Squirt & Mop Wood Floor Cleaner (Almond)
I use a floor steamer to mop and love that this is so easy to use A few squirts of this and it’s enough to do the whole floor and leaves a very nice scent behind. It doesn’t leave any filmy residue so all you have are clean streak free floors

Method All-Purpose Cleaner in French Lavender
I love this cleaner! There’s so many great things to say about it. It’s eco friendly and made with natural ingredients, it cuts through grease and grime, and it smells AMAZING. I use this on my counter tops and in my sink and it never leaves behind any residue! Definitely a...

Method Body Wash - Pure Peace
I LOVE this body wash! It's made with naturally-derived ingredients, and it smells like two of my favourite flowers - peonies and roses. It's also made with pink salt, which is know for it's healing properties!

Method Antibac Bathroom Cleaner  (spearmint)
I bought this product because truthfully i had a coupon and had found a sale lol. However, since then i have repurchased many times. The smell oh my god, is amazing and it actually cleans. I feel good using this product as i know its less harmful than most products on the...

Method Dish Soap - Clementine
Method is my go-to dish soap for every day use - it cleans well, is easy on hands and smells great. I was very happy to find it in the larger pouches that I can use to refill a glass dispenser, cutting down on plastic waste.

Method dish soap lime + sea salt
I bought this on a whim because it was on sale and I love the scent of lime in the kitchen. I am not dissatisfied! It smells great and gets my dishes effortlessly clean!

Method Body Wash Energy Boost
Citrus, ginger and sea buckthorn are infused within this body wash and the combination smells amazing and refreshing. Love how this scent wakes me up and is a great start to the day. Best of all, a little bit goes a long way!

Method Body Deep Detox Body Wash with Cucumber, Seaweed, & Green Tea
I found this wash at a local pharmacy and the scent was so amazing and reminded me of high-end spas. The scent is fresh and is described as cucumber, mint, green tea, seaweed. It sounds somewhat generic, but I can say that this scent has depth, not just top notes. A bit...

Method Men Body Wash Sea + Surf
Even though I'm not a man, once I smelled this I knew it had to be my main body wash. I love anything that smells like the woods/tobacco. It's also a nice formula and doesn't dry me out.

Method Antibac Disinfecting All-Purpose Cleaner
Bought this cleaner during the COVID-19 pandemic because every other 'antibacterial' cleaner is sold out! I do like the bamboo scent, though it is surprisingly strong and made me cough when I sprayed it all over my kitchen counters, which makes you wonder. Although it is Method...

Method Refreshing Body Wash - Sweet Water
I got this product on sale at 50% off on well.ca. I'm never going back to another body wash. It smells great, is all natural and keeps my skin moist and clean. My favourite part has to be the scent.

Method Bathroom Cleaner-Eucalyptus/Mint
I love this cleaner one it smells good and 2 they have two diff kinds they have a spray and a foam I find the foam to be way better cleans things so easy