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Nair is a hair removal product manufactured by Church & Dwight. Nair combines softening agents such as mineral oil to help offset the harsh active ingredients. Two of the active ingredients are calcium hydroxide (lime) and sodium hydroxide (lye), which raise the pH of hair, chemically breaking it down. For more information visit naircare.com

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Nair Reviews

Nair Irresistible Candy Apple Sugar Wax
I bought this by mistake. I always use the Nair wax with out the strips. This is messy and does not remove much hair on the first pass. My poor bikini line was black and blue from trying to redo places. Go for the harder wax, it does a much better job and is less messy and...

Nair Cire Divine Moroccan Argan Oil Wax
Shaving is much better for me in my opinion. This hurts me so badly!! I get All red, itchy and full of painful bumps. I will never use the nair brand or any other wax, hair removal creams again!!!. This varies from different people but keep in mind that the skin hurts a lot...

Nair™ WAX READY-STRIPS Face & Bikini
I tried these a few months ago and wasn't super impressed but had some left in my cupboard so I used them again and it worked like a charm! No need to warm the wax, I just followed the directions as written and the results were as if I just went to a salon.

Nair™ WAX READY-STRIPS Legs & Body
These are the best wax strips I've ever used. No need to heat them between your hands. They're not overly sticky so they don't stick to your skin, just to the hair. Makes them a lot less painful than wax strips I've used in the past. The finishing wipes are also really nice. My...

Nair 3 in 1 Hair Removal Lotion
I have always been in doubt with these products that how can a cream get rid of hair but oh boy was i wrong. Put it all areas i wanted to be baby smooth and 5 minutes later i used the wee spadula that came with it and scraped it all off and what do ya know lovely smooth skin :o...

Nair Resin Hair Remover
I’ve been using this product for years now, and it’s my favourite hair removal method! For those who have been used to using wax, do give this a try and you’ll be so impressed! The downsides of wax as we all know is that it can be quite messy and once you apply it it’s...

Nair Hair Remover Sugar Wax Leg, Body & Bikini
My daughter has very sensitive skin and whenever she shaves with razors she gets terrible rash. So we went to a store and found this product that looked interesting which was Nair sugar wax hair removal system. It came with everything we needed to remove hair the strips, the...

Nair Ready to Use Wax cherry oil for sensitive skin
I have used other Ready Use wax strips, these are the only ones that don't irritate my skin and go super red. They are easy to use can be cut to size and the oil wipes smell great ! Highly recommend.

Nair Wax Ready Strips for Face & Bikini with Rice Bran Oil, 40 Strips + 4 Finishing Wipes
I'm not usually a person who buys self care products but thought I would treat. Myself for a change. When I got home and was going to use this product all of the strips were hard and I was not able to use any.

Nair Leg Mask Brighten And Smooth With Charcoal
I have always had a dislike for hair removal creams due to their scent and skin sensitivity... My skin gets very itchy and bumpy. I was very excited to see Nair had come up with something different and bought the leg mask to try it. Even though the scent was not as strong as the...

Nair Leg Mask Exfoliate And Smooth With Seaweed
Finally I have found a product that actually works and works really well. This leg mask has a pleasant smell just a hint of chemical. I have used many leg hair removing products that smell so strong of chemicals it actually hurts to breathe; however, that is not the case with...

Nair Glides Away Sensitive Coconut Oil
I've had chemical burns in the past with Veet, so i was a but afraid but ready to wipe it off if needed quickly. It was easy and mess-free to apply on, i waited 7 minutes and wiped off, everything came off easily. It's only my first time, but if i can give a tip to everyone...

Nair Ultimate Roll-On Body Wax with 100% Naturally Sourced Rice Bran Oil
So disappointed! Usually I am happy with the results from nair products but the specific product didn’t meet my expectations. The wax after being heated in the microwave was hard to roll on and while it did remove hair, it left a sticky residue on my skin. It’s fairly...

Nair Hair Remover Shower Power Moroccan argan oil
I’ve used Nair and the likes for years before glowing up and waxing. I often can’t make it in to the salon to get a wax and the pain puts me in a mad mood. So I went into a store and spent wayyy too much time reading bottles and googling reviews. I decided to give Nair a try...

Nair Hair Removal Cream Face & Upper Lip with Sweet Almond Oil
It does work but for courser hair make sure you soften the hair by using hot water on a wash cloth and holding it on the hair for a little bit other wise it will not remove thei hair.