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The Nestlé Company was founded in 1867 by Henri Nestlé, who developed the first milk-based baby formula in order to save the life of a neighbour’s baby. His Farine Lactée formula went on to nourish many babies who were unable to feed from their mothers or unable to accept the usual substitutes. Since this beginning, nutrition has been the heart of the Nestlé business.

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Nestlé Reviews

Delissio Rustico Vegetable Grille
I just tasted the pizza rustico vegetable grill. I found it very good and very affordable. My children liked it to. I will buy this product again without a doubt

Nestlé Brownie Sundae
Nestle sundae ice cream is the closest thing you will get to soft serve. Luscious and creamy ice cream mixed with wonderful bits of chocolate brownies and syrup. Perfect for banana splits or sugar cones. Price is good when on sale, but at regular price the container is too...

Nestlé Pure Life Peach Mango Pineapple Natural Spring Water
i honestly thought i would enjoy this water, there was such a bad chemical taste, after taste and smell . yuk. It now has turned me off from purchasing the other flavors . I have 11 cans now to give away .....

Delissio Rising Crust Buffalo Chicken
I really love this product. They have a wide variety of flavors and toppings for their pizza. They are very affordable and taste great. It taste better than walk down to your nearest pizza shop and buying one. For those busy days when you don't have time to cook, you just throw...

Nestlé Nesquick Chocolate Syrup Less Sugar
Love this to add to milk because I don't like the taste of plain milk. Tastes really good!

Nestlé Sundae Chillin Chocolate Brownie Frozen Dessert
As someone who considers themselves an icecream connoisseur, I've tried MANY different ice cream products all around the world. I decided to try Nestle's line of 'Sundaes' in a tub - Overall, I was unimpressed. This particular review is about the Chillin Chocolate Brownie, which...

Nestlé Semi Sweet Morsels
I love these, they're delicious. I use mine to make cookies, mix in muffins but my favorite way to eat them is by getting a bowl with chunky peanut butter and then mixing the chocolate chips in and eating it just like that. They are very consistent with the size, taste, look...

Nestlé Parlour Cookies & Cream
My son loves cookies and cream flavour ice cream, and even loves this one! But I have concerns regarding the fact that this is Made completely Of artificial Ingredients! You have to read the fine print to know that this is not technically ice cream! So I prefer to spend more for...

Nestlé Toll House Cookie Dough Ice Cream
I bought this as a $1 Promo sale at Sobey's for a treat for my kids. I'm glad I only bought 1. My kids (7 and 1.5) hated it. They each took 1 bite and they were done. It almost has a hint of coffee flavor. We weren't crazy over it.

Nestlé Parlor Chocolate Peanut Butter Frozen Dessert
This is a nice ice cream. I would prefer if it had some texture like real peanut butter and/or chocolate swirls

Good Host Iced Tea
The absolute best powdered iced tea on the market. Great value and great taste! Have been using this for years and will continue to for years. Never change this stuff it’s great!

Nestlé Nesfruta Liquid Water Enhancer
I hate the fact that I use these products but I drink a lot of water and some days need a little extra flavour. I only use 2 flavours (Raspberry and Blueberry Pomegranate) because I find the others aren't great. I use about half the recommended amount and I find it cuts down on...

Nestlé Aero Vanilla Truffle Bubble Bar
Sadly this bar has no vanilla taste in my opinion. If it’s going to be sold as vanilla truffle you should at least be able to taste some vanilla. It’s not worth spending the extra money on this bar. Just buy the regular Aero bar.

Nestlé Violet Crumble Chocolate Bar
Not a fan of this! It doesn't taste good atall and honestly it kinda smells funky wouldnt recommend it to chocolate lovers dont waste your time seriously dollar store chocolate and candy taste 100% better

Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Carbonated Natural Spring Water
Delicious! Can't get enough and the taste of lemon is just enough not to overwhelm you! It's a step up from drinking regular water... highly recommend it!