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The Nestlé Company was founded in 1867 by Henri Nestlé, who developed the first milk-based baby formula in order to save the life of a neighbour’s baby. His Farine Lactée formula went on to nourish many babies who were unable to feed from their mothers or unable to accept the usual substitutes. Since this beginning, nutrition has been the heart of the Nestlé business.

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Nestlé Reviews

Nesti Dante Soap
This is an italian soap and is prepared respecting the old traditions. You will love any soap that Nesti Dante produces but if you want my advice you have to try first pure olive oil and broom soap. And I'm gonna explain why. The olive oil one is made of pure olive oil, and...

Nestlé Noir Eclat Noir
I loved this! It has the perfect blend of texture (from the caramelized cocoa nibs) and smooth chocolate. Again, I am a fan of dark chocolate so keep that in mind. This is far more intense than the Cherry or Caramel versions of the bar, it tastes like any other dark...

Nestlé Noir Eclat Caramel
This is a real treat! It is so rich and decadent. I loved it! Full of great quality dark chocolate and caramel... my favorite combo! It is a little more expensive than a regular chocolate bar but it is so worth it for a better quality chocolate.

Nestlé Noir Cherry
Nestle Noir Cherry bars gets my vote for great tasting chocolate. I am just not a fan of cherries with my chocloate. I did not like the taste of this bar, and I would not purchase this again. This one is for cherry lovers, doesn't agree with my taste buds.

Nestlé Noir Intense
I just love dark chocolate and Nestle Noir Intense hits the spot... yummmm

Nestlé NOIR Mousse Delicate Milk Chocolate
I loved this. It almost melts in your mouth from the mousse. So creamy and delicious.

Nestlé NOIR Mousse Delicate Dark Chocolate
J'adore ce produit. Je ne peux plus m'en passer. Il est tellement bon. Nous sentons bien le gout du chocolat noir . J'en rachète tout le temps. Je recommande beaucoup ce produit.

Nestlé ROLO No Sugar Added Frozen Dairy Dessert
I love the original version of this ice cream, and decided to go along a "no sugar" route.. I wasn't really impressed. I could notice a huge difference in taste, and the aftertaste wasn't very desirable! Hubby hated it.

Nestlé Mini Rolo 120 Calories Ice Cream Bars
These are a nice, low calorie indulgence. The outer milk chocolate shell is thin and crunchy and delicious. The Icecream is just sweet enough and the caramel in the middle is gooey and sticky and heavenly!

Quality Street Chocolates
they are always so delicious and choclatey!! the bright colours on the wrappers bring me so much joy every time. these chocolates turn me on. so scrumdiddlyumtious!!!!!

Nestlé Noir Salted Caramel Chocolate
I enjoy the taste of this bar. The salted caramel notes are pronounced without overpowering the overall taste. It makes for a great snack, or after-dinner treat

Nestlé Aero Orange Chocolate Bubble Bar
i love the taste of chocolate and orange, i love anything that taste like oranges what a great combo. i buy for myself every time i can find it so if you like the taste of oranges its a must try

Nestlé Smarties Vice Versa
This chocolate candy isn't for me, it has a horrible taste and texture. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone unless they are looking for a chocolate that is dry and affordable.

Nestlé Rolo Frozen Dessert
This is a great ice cream with fun little pieces of rollo!!! Usually I don’t like chunks of stuff in my ice cream, but this one actually works for me! Definitely a fan!!!

Good Host Iced Tea
The absolute best powdered iced tea on the market. Great value and great taste! Have been using this for years and will continue to for years. Never change this stuff it’s great!