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One of the world’s most trusted skincare brands, NIVEA has been creating products for the entire family since 1911. From the iconic NIVEA Creme blue tin, to today’s innovative in-shower moisturizing lotions and instant make-up removers, as well as a wide variety of body lotions, body washes, soap bars, moisturizers, facial cleansers, antiperspirants and men’s products, NIVEA products are a part of people’s everyday lives in all around the world. ChickAdvisor members suggest Lip Care Essential, Visage Gentle Eye Makeup Remover and Soft Creme.

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NIVEA Reviews

Nivea 30 spf light touch sunscreen
From the time I have understood the importance of sunscreen, I have always looking for a better product that would be much natural and comply with my skin. Since my skin is too sensitive and dry, I was looking for sunscreen cum moisturizer. I started with a sample of Nivea...

Nivea micellar wipes
These wipes are smaller than expected, but do the job just as well. It removed my mascara with ease and didn’t irritate the skin around my eyes which is very sensitive. Very handy for a quick cleanup before hitting the pillow.

Nivea soap bar
This is a great product , it’s not expensive and what I’ve done is I gave everyone in my home their own at of soap to use , and it doesn’t dry out your hands from overly washing and it comes in a pack of 6 and I’ve also bought the same brand liquid body wash it’s...

Nivea Natural Comfort Roll on Deodorant 0% Aluminum
J’ai essayé plusieurs déodorant sans aluminium mais aucun n’était aussi efficace que celui-ci. Je l’ai tout de suite adopter, il fonctionne à merveille

I recently tried Rock Salts and was impressed. The smell was nice and tame; not over powering like some other brands. The exfoliating factor was appreciated. It works and leave my skin feeling nice after a shower but at the same time it's not a super rough feeling gel. Overall...

NIVEA Daily Essentials - Rich Day Cream
I apply this everyday. It leaves my skin moisturised. There's no dry flakes on my skin. It smells good too. It lasts for hours I would recommend to anyone.

Nivea Nourishing Hand Cream
nivea hand cream is a very light moisturizer that sinks into skin quickly and doesn't leave you feeling greasy. it lasts a long time, through multiple hand washings and has a light pleasant scent

Nivea Clay Fresh Shower Creams
I love all Nivea showers creams but the clay really gives me that been to a spa feel! It’s so thick and lathers up so beautiful leaving you feeling soft and smelling amazing! I’d highly recommend this for those indulgent baths moments! Also for the price it can easily become...

Nivea face cream
One of my favourite creams I love to use. It's one that I can never leave behind when I go anywhere as it makes my skin so soft and feeling amazing! Also good for sensitive skin.

Nivea body wash cocoa butter
This body wash was amazing. The smell wasn't strong and it felt good. It was smooth and it foamed up really easily. A great body wash to start your day

Nivea Moisturizer Cherry Blossom with Jojoba Oil
super love this body lotion! i got a free sample before and since then i’ve been using this. never switch to any other brands. this smells so great and great moisturizing lotion. i use it 2-3times a day! I gave some to my family and friends. I recommended it to them and they...

NIVEA Tinted Shimmer Strawberry Shine Lip Balm
This leaves your lips feeling silky smooth, with a perfect tint of colour! I am absolutely addicted to this product!! 10/10 would recommend!! It smells amazing too!!

nivea sun spf 50 + for kids
My son is extremely fair skinned and burns almost instantly in the sun so we have tried lots of different sun lotions the only thing that stops him looking like a lobster is nivea 50+ it's moisturising at the same time as protecting him

Nivea daily essentials light moisturising day cream
This moisturiser is such a bargain. I usually only pay £1.99 and it suits my skin perfectly. It is light, suitable for my combination skin and even contains SPF 15! Five stars from me.

Nivea MicellAIR Skin Breathe Micellar Rose Water Wash Gel
NIVEA MicellAir Skin Breathe Wash Gel Nivea MicellAir Skin Breathe Wash Gel is very effective face wash. It cleans your make up very quickly. At the same time it refreshed my face. Skin is bright. Re.oved oil and dead cell as well. Scent of Rose is nice. It cleaned my pores...