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Persil Reviews

Persil ProClean Power-Liquid Detergent
We love this detergent ! Although it is usually pricey I think it works wonders. I have 3 kids and a spouse that works in construction and I have never had a problem getting stink or stains out while using this ! I just wish it was a bit more affordable. Just keep an eye out for...

Persil ProClean Power-Caps Laundry Detergent Original Scent
These smell amazing, from the first time I opened the package, I new I was hooked and I would be buying them again and again!! And we will be!! The disks are almost the size of my palm and they make your clothes smell amazing, clean the first time and are effective!

Persil Pro Clean 2-in-1 Power-Liquid Detergent
This is a great product it leaves my clothes clean fresh and soft it feels like I'm wearing brand new clothes in wveey wash with an amazing smell highly recommended this is one my friends love too

Persil ProClean Cold Water
Persil Laundry detergent is one of my most celebrated finds. With two active kids, me working at a daycare and my welder husband... you can imagine the stains and dirt our clothes have seen. Persil has been a life saver (make that wardrobe saver). It is amazing at removing every...

Persil pro clean discs
My family loves this laundry soap. It smells amazing and works wonders. It does a great job and there's no measuring the laundry soap just throw the laundry soap disc in and start the load.

Persil non bio
Persil non bio

7 reviews

My mom used to use this and nothing else, she would always say 'you get what you pay for' and she was right. It's a little more expensive than some, but you certainly get a good performance out of it. And it leaves everything soft and smelling so fresh.

Persil PROCLEAN Original Detergent
omg its a very good product for doing my laundry it make my clothes smell real nice and soft and i would buy this product when i goes shopping again and would tell my friends and family about this wonderful product. thank you

Persil discs
Persil discs

5 reviews

Sent bon lave bien pour le côté écologique par contre il faudrait plus d’efforts jai recus deux dics dans deuc sachet different ce que jai moins aimer sinon suoer produit

Persil prockean laundry pods
I liked them they do the work they were made for. Just like all the others in the market you can take any it will not matter. Good product though. I don't have any complaints.

Persil Pro-clean Odour fighter
WOW! I cant say enoug good things about this laundry soap!. It got out old stains, made the clothes feel almost new again. I didn t even have to use fabric softner. I am really impressed.

Persil ProClean Cold Water
Cleans tuff stains and smells great! This laundry soap is the greatest and I have bought some since receiving my sample! I would highly recommend it to friends and family!

Persil ProClean Power-Pearls Dry Detergent Original Scent
i had a sample sent to my house and i'm so glad i tried it on my clothes. it leaves a really fresh scent on our clothes and lasts very long as well. i'm just waiting for a sale to stock up on these. love it!

Persil Ultimate Power Caps
Here comes the warning that I did not use one per wash; I used two. The back of the bag says to use one per wash but I found the stains did not come out of the clothes and none of these clothes were heavily stained. I did not use these on muddy or grass stained items as I was...

Persil ProClean Power-Pearls Dry Detergent Original Scent
I used to use liquid detergents, until someone mentioned "why pay for water to be added to your detergent?". My sister recommended Persil Power Pearls, and I have never turned back. It has a soft scent, I only need 1-2 Tablespoons per load of laundry, and it lasts for a long...