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Rocky Mountain Soap Company

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Rocky Mountain Soap Company Reviews

Rocky Mountain Soap Organic Sugar Scrub
I was looking for a body scrub that isn't too harsh and smells of either vanilla or coconut (may favorite scents). Low and behold I came across this store in my city and they had these two scents mixed together. I bought the product and love it! After using it on my body, my...

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Foaming Baby Wash (Chamomile)
I used this on my little baby right from birth. It is so gentle and smells amazing! It is easy to use with just one hand since it comes in a pump and is already foamed up. The container also lasted longer than I thought it would - about 9 months.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Liquid Crystal Deodorant Lavender
I absolutely love that this deodorant is vegan, toxic ingredient free and Canadian! Ive been looking for a rock deodorant for a while and didn't know what to expect. When I apply it it leaves my pits feeling very fresh and clean. The only thing is you do need to let it dry a...

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Body Butter - Lavender
This was a Christmas gift and I am in love with the product. It smells like pure heaven, it is a great moisturizer and equally fabulous for giving a massage. The scent is relaxing and I keep it beside my bed so I can reach for it and rub it onto my arms and fall asleep to the...

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Lemongrass Deodorant
This is my favourite natural deodorant and the only natural one that works for me. I was scared to try it as I have tried several natural deodorants in the past and have ended up with stinky pits pretty much right away. But I did try this and was glad I did. It works...

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Avocado Body Butter
I had a really bad case of eczema over the winter holidays (lots of heating, alcohol, not enough sleep...etc), and was starting to concede to just riding out the rest of the season a bit miserably. I came across this product because I had started to get curious about all-natural...

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Day Cream - Pomegranate
I got this through the toxin free event, it is more for winter pampering because it is very rich so you just use a teeny bit. It is a day cream, it is made in Canada, toxin ingredients free and it is a splurge. I would buy it in the wintertime as part of my facial regime.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Calming Toner
This company alone is simply amazing. 100% natural & 100% toxin free! This toner smells amazing, and is filled with essential oils. I have a problem with very red skin that is blotchy and since using this, I no longer even need foundation! It has calmed my skin so much, and the...

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Hand & Body Wash
This soap has a great fragrance but is not too overbearing! I have been trying to buy products that are easier on my sensitive skin and without harsh chemicals or ingredients and this is great for both! I have been buying the large refill bottle in order to have this throughout...

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Lemongrass Body Wash
LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of this body wash. It's all natural, leaves you feeling squeaky clean and refreshed. All of the lemongrass products are great.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Calming Serum
I really wanted to like this product because I like the ideas behind Rocky Mountain Soap Company. I have tried this serum daily and sometimes even twice a day for over a month and I just can not recommend this or even think of repurchasing it. I purchased this during one of my...

Rocky Mountain Peppermint Shave Bar
i got this shave bar from a family member who went on a trip and now i use it so shave my legs. I love that it has gentle smell, lathers well and prevents any nicks and cuts. my skin feels so smooth after.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Liquid Crystal Deodorant
I love Rocky Mountain soaps co. They are my way to go for both body soap and deodorant! They are all natural and smells amazing! I was really happy to find these natural products!

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Foaming Wash
Their foaming wash is amazing, but don't let the price scare you off, it lasts a long time. Juicy cherry is a great scent, excited to try their lavender wash next for the kitchen. It will leave your hands squeaky clean literally...

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Peppermint Lip Butter
This is the perfect Chapstick to keep your lips moisturized for hours. I find that I don’t have to reapply it for multiple hours and it keeps them moisturize unlike a lot of other lip chap. The peppermint is cool and refreshing and smells nice as well. I also don’t need to...