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Sally Hansen

It was in the late 1950s when Sally Hansen, together with her chemist husband, pioneered a nail protection formula called Hard As Nails. They are the number one brand in nail color, and also the number one in nail treatment and the number one in hair removal. Sally Hansen is an innovator in everything beauty; from hand, foot and body care to lip treatment and quality beauty tools.

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Sally Hansen Reviews

Sally Hansen Insta Dry top coat
Best top coat ever! I'm on my second bottle! and I don't need to put on any other top coat so it helps a lot! I always use this whenever I do my nails. I do them once a week and it doesn't take long to dry. I would just suggest if you do 2 coats let them first one dry a little...

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat
This is a nice topcoat that makes your manicure last a few days, however you have to reapply every 2 days to keep your nail shiny and protected, other than that it’s a Ok topcoat. Wouldn’t buy it again since I discovered Seche Vite topcoat.

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth
It works! Ive been using this product off and on for over 10 years.......and i'm so impressed that it makes my nails stronger, longer and they look salon quality!!!!!!!!!

sally hansen strong as nails
I used this for a couple of months after my nails were damaged from doing acrylics for a while and my nails started to grow! My nails were constantly flaking and breaking but after using this my nails started to grow out. Highly recommend.

sally hansen 18k gold hardener
I'm thrilled I found this at a warehouse sale, and only wished I got more than 1 bottle. My nails have been growing so long since using it, and even when they eventually break, I can still keep my manicure on for many more days before I have to cut them short. I apply this...

Sally Hansen Gel Rehab
I wasn’t expecting much from this product but with CoVid and no nail salons, my nails were looking pretty bleak. The product applies nicely, looks like regular nail polish in a cute pink colour. Make sure it is the last thing you do. If it gets wet after application, it gets...

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Primer
My nails are strong enough but have ridges that run the length of my nails. 2 coats of this polish/primer and they pretty much disappear. I've been using it on it's own but look forward to also applying coloured polish over top. Also found it dried very fast.

Sally Hansen Gel Shine 3D Top Coat
love this product my nails are usually brittle and lackluster so thank you, Sally Hanson. I will definitely buy this nail product again and will recommend to friends and family and co-workers and stranger to everyone.

Sally Hansen No Chip Top Coat
My good friend told Me about this item & she was amazed about & refered it to Me, love this as well & would buy it without any hesitations !!! It's just great

Sally Hansen Raise Some Brows Tweezer
They definitely do the job and absolutely love the colour. Easier to figure out whose tweezers in my household they are with the beautiful colour. They’re easy to use.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup
I first bought sally Hansen's airbrushed legs after several unhappy orange spray tans and the usual applied creams that work over a period of time and i wasnt disappointed. I honestly wouldnt buy anything else! No streaks! Instant colour! Lasts all night! Water resistant!...

Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish
A few friends bought me this for my birthday and it’s silly to say but it has changed my life. As a person who is prone to getting chipped or nails broken in the middle, I would often find myself having to go to a salon to get gel nail polish so my nails wouldn’t break...

Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip Shine
It's lip Heaven if not it's not so grumpy not too thick the universal colors for girls with everything. I chose it over lip stick anyday of the week. And i would let the world know.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Argan Oil Top Coat
I'd most definitely purchase this product again. It made my hands look and feel more appealing and shiny. One coat is all you need to apply. Lasts for days

Sally Hansen Moisturizing Nail Polish Remover
This is a good nail polish remover. Removes all the nail polish on my fingers and toes. I would recommend this to family & friends this is any women’s go to product when removing any nail polish. The name and brand has been around forever