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Sephora is a cosmetics retail chain that was founded in 1969 in France. They carry over 250 brands of makeup, skin care, hair products, fragrances and beauty accessories. They also have their own private label of makeup, bath and beauty products. Sephora currently has stores in over 21 countries, and first came to North America in 1997. From their private label, ChickAdvisor members have reviewed the Face Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover, Colourful Mono Eyeshadow and Snag-Free Hair Elastics.

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Sephora Reviews

SEPHORA COLLECTION Holiday Aloe Vera Hand Mask
i really liked this hand mask, i found it really moisturizing and i found the product stayed in the gloves well which i dont always find with hand gloves, sometimes if u move with them the product goes down ur arm but not this one!

SEPHORA COLLECTION Holiday Almond Foot mask
i got this for christmas and i really liked it! i found it was a good moisturizing boost to my dry feet from the dry winters, the foot mask are easy to use and stay on well too, i would recommend this to anyone

Sephora Stick Mask
The stick mast comes in 3 different types. The best mask to use 100%, will definitely recommend and will use again and again. Currently on sale, so an even better deal and lasts very long while also clearing up your skin super fast!

Sephora Favorites Mystery Cheek Kit
I thoroughly enjoyed this set. I found it really fun to open up the bag, unknowing what extra product you’ll get. It had three options, a setting spray, highlighter, or bronzer. I personally got the cover fx highlight drops and was super happy with it. The other two products...

SEPHORA Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
This one of the best eye makeup removers from sephora collections. It actually works as it says. I dont have to rub too much to remove eyeliner or mascara specially for those are waterproof. This is my eye makeup remover friend, helped me lot and effort and time saver for me.

Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip
This was the Christmas version of the give me more lips from Sephora. It was really great, as they had made it to rip apart. It made it really convenience to gift to two separate people. The one set was more of a lip balm set, while the second more of an adventurous set. It made...

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Bold Lip
I love these sets from Sephora. They have absolutely great value for the price you're paying. This one was priced around $30, however had not one but two full sized products in it, which more than doubles the value! Along with the two full sized products, you also get to try...

Sephora pro jewel pallet
His pallet has beautiful shades. Every shade is so blendable. I find the pallet a little pricey but it has great quality. If you're looking for jewel shades this is perfect for you! I bought mine in store at sephora.

Sephora Collection Frosted Kisses #Lipstories Set
This set was nice to try out the Sephora collection lip line. I really enjoyed it overall. The packaging of each lipstick was adorable. All winter themed, and each different. I liked that it had a variety of shades and textures (matte, metallic, and cream). Each lipstick had...

Sephora Favorites Mystery Lip Kit
This set was a lot of fun to open. I have purchased multiple of Sephora favorites lip sets before, but nothing like this. It came with 2 know deluxe sized products, and 1 unknown, all from well known popular brands. The set was super cute, and a great way to bring surprise and...

Sephora Collection Beauty Magnet Blush Brush
I purchased this on a whim when I needed an extra amount to get the free shipping at Sephora. It was actually quite good. It applies blush evenly, and does not pick up an excess amount of product. The brush is quite soft as well. The magnet is nice. I have a few magnetic brushes...

Sephora kush
Sephora kush

1 review

I love the kush balm, it’s super smooth and nice. Bb b. Anakanammaammanamamansbs anananbsvssvsvgshsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbabababsbsbbshshssbbabsbsvsgshshsnana

sephora highlight pallet
I bought the Sephora highlighter palette with little expectations. I was blown away!! The pigment is perfect, it lasts all day and it comes in 6 beautiful shades all in one!!

Sephora aloe Vera sleeping mask
Recently I ordered a few things from Sephora which I don’t do often. I decided to try a few of their face masks that you put on and sleep in. I love the fact that I don’t have to put on a face mask and rinse it off. Makes my life alot easier. The little container that it...

SEPHORA COLLECTION All Day Hydrator - Hydrate & Glow
Review is based on a one time sample packet from #Sephora and I have to say this sample had so little in it I couldn’t even do a full face :( As much as I appreciate a #complimentary trial this doesn’t do it for me… it’s hard to provide a proper fair review but I will...