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Hedbanz Game
Hedbanz Game

31 reviews

We got the game HeadBanz Blast Off!and of course the first evening we had at home the four kiddos wanted to play. With the game we have two teams and the object is to guess as many I have the cards you can. They have two headbands with a little part to put the card in facing...

'The Cube' Rubix Cube
I enjoy trying to solve this on my spare time but I have not solved it yet. I heard that there are techniques available online which teach you how to solve it but I want to solve it by myself. It is time consuming but it is worth it. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to...

Spin Master Games Logo Board Game
My family really enjoys board games and this one was a pleasant surprise. Some of the questions are very difficult which was an added bonus for us. The only downfall is that once you go through the cards you can't really play again.

Paw patrol bath figurines
My little girl loves these, she will not bath without them! They’re really great quality, and I would certainly recommend to any of my friends or family.

Moonlite Storybook Projector Starter Pack (2 story reels)
The idea of this is amazing. It helps switch it up from reading a regular book and the kids really enjoyed it! It’s not what I thought it would be, you have to make sure it’s put on your phone the correct way to see the entire picture and then we have books that you have to...

Moonlite Storybook Projector Gift Pack (5 story reels)
Great idea, but execution is a little off. The circle on the phone is very touchy for it to work. Stories are great and fun, easy to turn. It's a little awkward to hold the phone to switch the slide on the screen as well as on the attachment at the same time.

Hatchimal CollEGGtibles
Hatchimals toys have been a hit in our house for 3-4 hours. Our now 6-year-old has been collecting them for a while and the constant new designs and series keep her interest. They are really cute, and kids love to have that element of surprise as they hatch each egg. Not only do...

Soggy Doggy Board Game
My daughter loved this product so much she wants to take this in the shower everyday. She keeps saying so much fun when she is in the shower. It is quite soft and easy to clean. I would highly recommend this product to all the parents.

PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Super PAWs Lookout Tower Playset
Both my toddlers are obsessed with this tower! We've had it for month now and it's been non stop playing. They really love all the sounds and the way the lights change colors. I love how sturdy it is and can see it lasting a very long time. Highly recommend for any paw patrol...

Jumanji Classic Adventure Board Game Real Wooden Box Edition
This is an amazing game which my family really enjoyed playing. It has given us many hours of enjoyment and excitement. The game is interactive, fun and I would highly recommend it to you and your family.

Paw Patrol Snuggle Up Pup
My kids are OBSESSED with these. My 5 yo has Chase, my 2.5 yo has Marshall, and they can't go to bed without them. They love the music they play. The only change I think I would make would be to play only music (these also talk), since they're supposed to be snuggly, and a child...

Twisty Petz Babies Collectible Bracelet Set - 4-Pack
My girls are 6 and 8. They love these. I like this brand better then the others. They stay together better and are better quality. I like to add them to gifts or give as good behavior or spotted doing good prizes. I keep some little toys as rewards.

Twisty Petz Collectible Bracelet Set - 3 Pack
My 5 year old loves her bracelets. She can easily make the bracelet transform from a pet back to a bracelet all on her own. My 3 year old needs assistance making the bracelet into a pet again. The colors and characters are adorable.

Air Hogs Supernova, Gravity Defying Hand-Controlled Flying Orb
First off, the battery life is super short! A full charge only lasts a few minutes. You have to use indoors or the thing can just fly away on you! It’s pretty loud and can be super annoying! The concept is good, a drone you can control with your hands, it’s just really...

Boxer the Interactive A.I. Robot
This is a very cool toy that we got as a present. My son loved it from second one we opened the box. It can talk, play soccer games, so fortune telling by answering yes or no. My sons favorite was doing the flips. My best part was that you can charge it with USB and it does not...