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@Dragonmyste Oh no! Could you pop us a DM with a screenshot of the message you’re getting & which products you’ve g… https://t.co/eN6e3u8PDj

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@ThisIsMeUK1 Thanks so much for the donation & enjoy your order! 🥰

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If, like us, last night's episode of @BritishBakeOff has got you craving ALLLL the biscuits, then why not check out… https://t.co/VNmiQPmIIb

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teapigs Reviews

teapigs Cleanse Tea
Great packaging and very clear instructions for those that are not avid tea drinkers. Very fragrant upon opening and more-so while steeping. I am not a fan of coconut so I found the smell overpowering but wanted to be fair and give it’s taste a chance. While I was able to take...

teapigs Super Fruit Herbal Tea
For the prize you really can’t go wrong. Tetley tea is by far one of the favourites brand of tea. Great value and great taste. I drink this tea on a special occasions.

teapigs Rooibos Crème Caramel
I received this in my ChickAdvisor EcoBox. I'm a fan of teas (David's, local shops etc) and the flavour TeaPigs offers is SO GOOD. It's perfect if you're looking for a light dessert flavour without the calories.

teapigs english breakfast tea
i love english breakfast tea and i like the brand teapigs. i like the packaging and it's not plastic. the tea smells really nice and it does have a rich tea flavour. price is a bit expensive, but it's a treat for myself.

teapigs peppermint leaves tea
I received this free product to try in exchange for an honest review. I’ve tried several of the products before and the quality of the tea is great and very flavourful including both the hot tea and cold brew options. This however was not one of my favourite flavors. I really...

teapigs Snooze Tea
I really love this tea, the lavender is such a nice taste alongside the apple and chamomile. Definitely helps at the end of the night to relax. Highly recommend!

teapigs Trim Tea
teapigs Trim Tea

45 reviews

I find that there was barely any flavour when I was stepping it for over 5 minutes. I feel like there is not enough tea in each tea bag even after stepping.

teapigs Apple & Cinnamon Tea
Such a pleasant tea! It smells like apple pie and the taste translates through to a nice blend of apples & cinnamon. I've been enjoying this at night and been reaching for this more than my usual mint tea since this feels more comforting and almost like a treat. I'm going to...

teapigs lemon & ginger tea
This is my preferred brand when I want lemon and ginger tea. It's my favourite herbal type of tea as it has the perfect balance between both flavours. It has the right amount of kick from the ginger that it feels like it is soothing your throat, but also a nice tanginess from...

teapigs Chocolate Flake Tea
This is the only flavor of teapigs I've tasted and chocolate flake is literally so good. Just add a little sugar and a drop of milk and its delicious hmm

teapigs Darjeeling Earl Grey
I love tea pigs they are full of taste in every sip! They make the perfect full flavoured cup of tea! Wake up to a cup of pure bliss. Even the worst tea maker in the family cant mess this up haha.

teapigs Mao Feng Green Tea
I bought this tea at my local grocer as I was looking for a new green tea when I could not get to my normal loose leaf store. I am not one that generally buys pre-bagged teas but figured I would give this one a try. It did not disappoint! I am now on my second box of it and I...

teapigs Chamomile Flowers Tea
This tea is very good, the flavour is very strong that you can actually taste what kind of tea it is. It has a soothing flavour. Triangular bag also helps with the steeping process and it gives it more flavour.