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THEFACESHOP Vita Su-Hyang Mask
The face shop masks are one use, individually sold and packaged serum infused fruit or cotton sheets. after cleansing, you leave them on your face for 10-15 minutes and lay back and relax. afterwards, you remove the sheet from your face, pat the excess serum in and voila!...

THEFACESHOP Grape Yogurt Pack
I am a huge fan of the face shop's unique and innovative products. I spotted these delightful little packages of face mask in a tote at work today, and had to try one! Unlike the normal face shop cotton serum infused mask, these come in a pack of four and look well...

THEFACESHOP Floral Radiance Powder Pact Moisture Veil
This was the first foundation that I've ever purchased. It was originally bought in Korea, but I"ve noticed that several asian markets in Canada have it available as well. This powder is amazing! Whenever I put it on, I have a natural flawless look with no creasing...

THEFACESHOP Arsainte Eco Therapy Super repair BB Cream SPF 20
This product was okay for me, not my favorite but also not the worst. I find it to be watery and not creamy enough . I actually use it underneath another foundation

THEFACESHOP Hydro Splash BB Cream SPF 20
I got a three pack of this bb cream for 20, rather than an individual for 20, which wa spretty lucky for me. The name of this product is super misleading, as I thought it was a waterproof foundation. However, It's more for moisturizing your face while providing skin...

THEFACESHOP Black Head EX Nose Clay Mase
This is a peeling mask from Korea. This one in particular is not for the whole face like few other peeling masks. This one is for the nose only because it is rather effective. I couldn't find where to buy it in Canada, and I'm pretty sure that it isn't sold here...

THEFACESHOP Make Me Star Eye Liner
This little waterproof gel eyeliner is a gem! The line comes in a range of colors and each color has a speck of sparkle in them. Currently loving the Bronze shade as it gives a depth to my eyes without the harsh look of a black eyeliner. The liner is very smooth and glides on to...

THEFACESHOP Nail Polish in BR801
This trend is really getting to me so I tried it out, this is from face shop and it is very easy to apply; and the color is nice on me because it makes my skin lighter. Therefore, I do recommend for people who are adventurous on trends.

THEFACESHOP Nail Polish in G504
This light green color is what I consider neonly awesome with its color...you must realize that this is something that you have too pull of because the color is all at your face...Just giving you a heads-up. BUt I still love it on me because of my bias to this color :)

THEFACESHOP White Tree Snow Exfoliating Foam Cleanser
I really like this rich lather texture for an exfoliating cleanser. I have used this product on and off for a year now. It's just a gentle exfoliation cleanser which remove my dead skin cells and a few acne scars. Also it's doesn't dry my skin nor break me out for my...

THEFACESHOP White Tree Snow Clarifying Booster Toner
My friend brought me the whole White Tree Snow skincare line last year from Korea. I like how this toner has a pump. It leaves my skin cool yet stinging. It might be because of the alcohol content for clarifying the skin. However, the scent smells very chemically.

THEFACESHOP Volcanic Clay Blackhead Heating Gel Mask
my friend recommends me to try this product. it does wonder, it actually cleans up the blackheads around my nose. it's easy to use, a little goes a long way, worth trying

THEFACESHOP Nature's Herb Water Powder Mist
With tea tree and rosemary ingredients, it calms the skin after applying make-up- which is exactly what I have used it for. It's also great for a light spray when your skin feels a bit dry. Smells lovely and is a great refresher throughout the day. Cute packaging as well!

THEFACESHOP Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing Eye Cream
My eyes were extremely dry, flaky, red and sore and within 2 days of using this product my skin was One hundred percent better. Smells amazing too, wait for when the store is having a promo to buy

THEFACESHOP Chia Seed Water Lotion
I broght this lotion after being recommended this from the sales lady... This is a light weight lotion it and a nice smell and it didn’t leave a sticky feeling on the skin.