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TYLENOL® is thought to work by elevating the body's overall pain threshold, so that you feel less pain. It starts working fast, but won't irritate your stomach. Tylenol offers a variety of products such as Headaches and Migraine Relief, Body Aches and Pain Relief, Sinus and Allergy Relief, Cough, Cold and Flu Relief, and Children's Tylenol. For more information visit tylenol.ca


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Tylenol Reviews

Children's TYLENOL Easy Dissolve Packs
Timing was prefect to review this product as I needed a pain reliever for one of my kids. I like this product because it quick and easy to administer and works fairly quickly!

TYLENOL® Rapid Release Gelcaps Extra Strength
I love that these work fast and are easy to swallow. They are small enough and the capsule makes them go down easy. I had gastric bypass surgery and I need medicine to dissolve easier. These are a great solution for me!! I have chronic shoulder pain and migraines, this typically...

Children's Tylenol Fever & Pain Suspension Liquid
This product has saved me countless trips to the ER. It brings the little one’s temperature down in record time. It's awesome with teething and general discomfort. The one drug I can count on for first aid. Pain situations.

TYLENOL Arthritis Pain Caplets
I have really bad arthritis..and when I get up in the morning it's the worst my knees are acing. My back hurts..so I turn to tynol arthritis..I take 2 pills and about give or take 20 min my pains starts to fade away.. I will take a few extras through the day exspeally if I know...

Infants' TYLENOL Fever & Pain Drops
We use this for our son for teething pain, fever etc. I definitely like it however I would not recommend the grape flavour. It’s gross. Getting your child to take medicine is hard enough without having a gross flavour. We use the berry flavoured options instead, which our son...

Tylenol Extra Stength
Tyelnol extra strength worked great for me I suffer from arthritis, headaches and back pain and this helps me deal with the everyday pain and I was even able to take it when I was pregnant and it worked very effectively even for the pain from my c-section. This is the only over...

Tylenol Cold & Sinus Daytime
This gets me through the work day if I'm not feeling 100% or if I'm getting over a cold. It helps with sinuses and it's nice that it is non-drowsy, but I always find myself needing another one after an hour or two. I always keep a few in my purse if I'm under the weather for...

Tylenol infant
Tylenol infant

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I usually stick with homeopathic remedy’s for my little one but he was having a difficult time with teething pain. There is a reason people say Tylenol is a tried and true pain relief product. My little one was able to sleep through the night and I felt good about giving him...

Infant Tylenol
Infants Tylenol has been such a big help with teething . My son started teething pretty early on and he would cry and cry and not sleep much . With infant Tylenol he sleeps through the night and in extreme day cases it calms him down within five minutes. I do recommend the...

Tylenol Sinus Pressure & Pain (Extra Strength)
This is my go to product for sinus related relief, whether it's congestion, headache &/or pressure. The product works effectively & quickly where one tablet is suitable enough to do the job. The added factor is the Tylenol ingredient and the lower impact on your blood pressure...

Tylenol extra strength 325 tablets
These Tylenol extra strength tablets are the best when having any type of pain {fever, headache, menstrual aches etc} and shelf life is over a year. They’re easy to swallow and thankfully don’t have a bitter taste.

Tylenol Nightime Extra Strength Sleep Aid & Pain Reliever
I have always hated when you use a night aid and you wake up groggy and on edge, not with tylenol nighttime. I always sleep well and feel refreshed at the same time

Tylenol Back Pain Medication
I work a very physical job, and this product worked effectively and within 15 minutes of taking it I was feeling the effects. Lasted about six hours and didn’t cause me to get an ya part stomach like some do.

Tylenol Extra Strength Coated Tablets
I like these tablets, they make a great addition to Tylenol brand although i do not currently take them. I tried these last year and they are definitely gentler on the stomach because of the coating.

Children's TYLENOL Cold Suspension Liquid
I would buy this product again because its the only one that works for my little guy when he gets a fever.. i have tried many others and this is what works for him!