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TYLENOL® is thought to work by elevating the body's overall pain threshold, so that you feel less pain. It starts working fast, but won't irritate your stomach. Tylenol offers a variety of products such as Headaches and Migraine Relief, Body Aches and Pain Relief, Sinus and Allergy Relief, Cough, Cold and Flu Relief, and Children's Tylenol. For more information visit tylenol.ca


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Tylenol Reviews

TYLENOL® Rapid Release Gelcaps Extra Strength
Rapid Relief!!!! Stubborn headaches, migraines, muscle pain, joint pain, cramps I have it all and when it hits it hits me so hard. Thank you Chick Advisor for introducing me to this rapid relief pain reliever! I feel like my sanity has been rapidly restored.

Tylenol Children's Fever & Pain
very good help to calm the pains of babies I mainly like it very much is the first one that my doctor recommends for my daughter and I really recommend her

TYLENOL Arthritis Pain Caplets
My grandmother told me to give this medication a go even though I don’t have arthritis and it works wonders. I’ve noticed that this was the best pain relief pill that I’ve ever taken and I will continue to use it

Infants' TYLENOL Fever & Pain Drops
Infants tylenol is a huge must have in our medicine cabinet! This is one of the best infant products for colds and flu, as well as any pain or discomfort.

Tylenol Extra Stength
Tylenol extra strength works instantly. I could not live without having this in my medicine cabinet. Surprisingly it has a good taste so it doesn't leave a bitter medication aftertaste once you swallow.

Tylenol extra strength 325 tablets
These Tylenol extra strength tablets are the best when having any type of pain {fever, headache, menstrual aches etc} and shelf life is over a year. They’re easy to swallow and thankfully don’t have a bitter taste.

Tylenol Nightime Extra Strength Sleep Aid & Pain Reliever
This is a great product to use at night if ur suffering from pain. It acts fast and helps u fall asleep faster. It doesn't leave a weird after taste or make u feel weird in the morning.

Tylenol Extra Strength Coated Tablets
I like these tablets, they make a great addition to Tylenol brand although i do not currently take them. I tried these last year and they are definitely gentler on the stomach because of the coating.

Tylenol Back Pain Medication
It works so well!all the pain went away. And I could enjoy the day. But I need to buy it again! It had no codeine so I thought it would not work well but to my surprise the pain was gone and I cpuld enjoy my day.

tylenol children's cold
I think this works good . Just that my son doesnt really like the taste of it . I think to my honest thoughts they make it more different falvours . I mean i know its medicine but its not good if they dont like it . Other than that it works good for them .

tylenol back pain pills
This pain killler is so effective in relieving my back pain. I get back pain off and on and when i use it i feel reallg better. Its results are satisfying.

Children’s Tylenol cold and flu
My children have a hard time getting rid of a cold and the flu so I found his Tylenol cold and flu . It helps with the fever , being uncomfortable and the runny nose .

Tylenol Extra Strength 100 caplets
I bought this Acetaminophen as my pharmacist advised me that I cannot use Ibuprofen anymore due to another med I started. I was Leary but tried it. It takes about 30-40 mins to work but it does work.

Tylenol liquid gels
Best Value, great pain reliever. Fast acting. Will definitely recommend and buy again. Easy to open bottle and great for fevers, headaches, muscle aches, toothaches and so much more.

TYLENOL Extra Strength 500mg EZTABS
I use Tylenol every day for my condition. Without them I would be lost. I’ve tried them all...these are the quickest acting and the most effective for my pain.