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Voortman Bakery

Real Bakers.
Real Ingredients.
Really Delicious.
Here at Voortman Bakery, we think real tastes better. That’s why our bakers insist on using the best real ingredients, hand selected for their exceptional quality and flavor. Baking really delicious cookies, since 1951.

Vrais Boulangers.
Vrais Ingrédients.
Vraiment Délicieux.
Chez la boulangerie Voortman nous crioyons que l’authentique a un meilleur gout. C’est pourquoi nos boulangers exigent que l’on utilise les meilleurs et vrais ingredients, sélectionnés à main pour leur qualité et saveur exceptionnelles. Depuis 1951 nous cuisons des biscuits vraiment délicieux.

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VoortmanCookies  Voortman Bakery

Perfect way to make the caregiver in your life feel extra special! https://t.co/qrVmMvqhYt

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VoortmanCookies  Voortman Bakery

@Meggs9ut We do!!! Check out our “where to buy” tab on our website https://t.co/hJpyJGURHP to see where they are sold in your area! 😊

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VoortmanCookies  Voortman Bakery

@mirrohwo Thanks so much for reaching out! Please contact our customer care team at info@voortman.com so we can help you out. Thanks!

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Voortman Bakery Reviews

Voortman Vanilla Wafers
Petits biscuits rafraîchissants et olein de saveur. Faciles à emporter, toujours croquants, faciles à partager. Voilà la sorte de biscuits que j'aime garder à portée de mains pour un en cas, ou pour un dessert léger mais délicieux.

Voortman Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
The crunch is there. The flavor is there. The correct amount of sweetness is there. The wholesome ingredients are there. Voortman always gets the DUB.

Voortman Coconut Cookies
Ce biscuit est des plus savoureux. Il y a plusieur essences mais la noix de coco est un ajout des plus recherchés. Chez-nous ils ont la cote et je m'en voudrais d'en manquer. Alors sur ma liste d'épicerie, je m'assure de le noter

Voortman Strawberry Banana Wafers
My kids love these wafers. We buy them a lot. The flavor and crunch are very good and they do not break into powder easily like some of the wafer brands.

Voortman S'mores Wafers
These wafers are just okay. Nothing to write home about. They taste like vanilla wafers very lightly dusted with a good quality cocoa powder. If I didn't know that these were "S'mores" flavored", I wouldnt' have guessed. I don't get "S'mores" from this.

Voortmans wafer cookies
Voortmans cookies are so good. They always have new flavors to try out and never let me down. So light and delicious tasting. Coconut is my favorite. All the flavors are good but the coconut tastes so real and not cheap tasting.yummy get in my belly

Voortman Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies
I thought I would be able to take a picture, but they got eaten too quickly. Voortman Cookies Oatmeal Raisin are delicious. They have a good salty/sweet ratio, so important with oatmeal cookies, and the right amount of raisins that are still a little plump. For packaged...

Voortman Coconut Creme Wafers Sugar Free
I bought these sugar free coconut wafers about a month or so ago when I was grocery shopping. I was a bit hesitant, thinking that "oh these cant be THAT good", man was I wrong! I LOVED these wafers. They by far are the best guilty pleasure for a diabetic without all the normal...

Voortman Sugar Free Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookies
I bought these cookies the other day for the first time, as my local store just started carrying these. Why didnt they carry these sooner!?! I love these! Im glad that I have found a no sugar chocolate cookie for those days that Im super craving something chocolate! Their...

Voortman Sugar Free Oatmeal Cookies
I bought these cookies tonight as my local store just started to carry them. I was pleasantly surprised at how good these cookies are! I LOVE oatmeal cookies & crave them alot, but since having diabetes i havnt been able to, but these no sugar added cookies do the trick! My only...

Voortman No Added Sugar Strawberry Wafer
Great alternative to the ones regularily sweetened with sugar. Super yummy and satisfying. The variety of flavours is incredible and the amount provided in the package is superb.

Voortman Bakery Cookies n’ Creme Wafers
I got some coupons in the mail for $1. Off any flavour of voortman cookies and then found them on sale for .99 cents which made them FREE, yay free cookies. Well what made it even better was I decided to try the cookies and cream ones and wow. They are amazing. Delicious...

Voortman chocolate caramel wafers
This was an item I just picked up because I hadn't seen the flavor before when shopping. Wow just like the other Voortman wafer cookies this one is a smash in our house. It's hard to eat just one so full of flavor and melts in your mouth.

Voortman Bakery Vanilla Wafers
I was fooled by "NO SUGAR ADDED". Bold and beautiful in yellow and blue packaging. Just below those glowing words are the barely noticeable "sweetened with Sorbitol and Aspartame". For many, like the health-conscious folks in my area, those "chemicals" are deadly. I can't give...

Voortman Pecan Shortbread Sugar Free Cookies
I buy this brand of sugar free cookies all the time. The pecan shortbread have a good flavor. I buy these for a pre diabetic member of my family. However the pecans, even though they are finely chopped, seem to not go well if you wear dentures.