3 pack Little Beetle Organic Cotton diaper in Aplix (velcro) closure (size 1 (6-18 pounds)) Reviews


Organic Cotton diapers - 100% soft 100% organic. Organic cotton diapers provide a further eco-conscious choice in cloth diapering. A growing number of parents are turning to organic cotton fitted diapers for their babies. Not only is organic cotton softer against your baby's skin, it is also more absorbent than traditionally processed cotton. Moreover it is friendly to the environment. Have the best against your growing baby's skin. As with all of our fitted diapers, Little BeetleTM Organic diapers come with our innovative semi-attached and foldable organic cotton velour 'beetle' booster. Fold to the front, back or lay flat for customized absorbency where your little one needs it most. Even more COOL, the organic velour 'beetle' is designed so that for heavy wetters or nighttime an organic cotton doubler slides under and is held secure without snaps or other fasteners. Quite simply put, it has an unsurpassed softness and stretch, is all natural, organic, fair trade, fitted like a disposable, and can be matched with a 100% natural and organic wool diaper cover. For two dozen diapers, you only need 4 to 5 covers. And together our Little Beetle ONE and Little Beetle Organic Merino Wool diaper covers provide an entirely natural and organic product for your little one! With our Little Beetle elastic, your diaper can be small for the low weight range, and with a gentle stretch or two, can be bigger for the upper weight range. Wash and dry your Little Beetle to see if return to its smaller form. And yes, it packs a most amazing absorbent punch! If you have heard of the original hemp Little Beetle, our new ONE matches or surpasses it in absorbency while at the same time drying 60% faster!! An all natural diaper that does all of that, now has parents saying "You're the one!"

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