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    March 16, 2016

    Almased is a meal replacement for weight loss or healthy lifestyle. I looked into it before I bought it - it was really expensive $37 for a tin at my local health food store... and each can has only 10 servings. It's been around in Europe for years, says there are clinical trials (but I can't find any), and are said to help regulate your thyroid and metabolism. It tastes pretty blah - and you have to buy your own cocoa, cinnamon etc to flavour it (which raises the cost/serving). And I measured: EVERY can I bought (I bought 3 from two different sources) provided significantly less than 10 servings (I measured with my measuring spoon - and the tins were about 7 servings each). What a Rip Off - it's misleading advertising. I also couldn't figure out why I was feeling sick when using it - it contains lactose and I'm slightly lactose intolerant (I eat cheese and ice cream without problems but can't handle milk). This was not clear to me at all looking at the label. Buyer Beware

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