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    November 29, 2012

    Well there's not really a section for Games on ChickAdvisor, so i'm going to put this under electronics.
    But, I LOVE THIS GAME. Anytime me and my friends get together, this is the first thing that comes out. It's a handheld electronic game, and a word/phrase will appear in the little screen and you have to describe it to your partner/team/whoever without saying any of the actual words. A timer is counting down outloud so you get really energized trying to guess, and it gets passed around the group so everyone plays.

    It's addicting, and fun for everyone. I've played this with my cousins aged 7&10;, with my parents and grandparents, and with my friends while drinking before the bar. I took this to Cuba on vacation 2 years in a row and we'd get the craziest group of people together playing it. You can choose categories for what types of words you like (ex animals, food), or everything, and there's thousands of words/phrases on there so you'll never have the same one twice.

    I find people don't play enough group games anymore, and this one is really great because there's no setup/cleanup like with board games, and there's no chance of you losing pieces to it because it's only one thing. You can keep score right on the device, or (like me), don't even worry about score and just have fun. Anyone can play, as maybe people as you want can jump in on a game, and no matter who you are I guarantee you'll be in stitches by the end.

    It's a bulletproof good time. Writing this makes me want to go play, right now!

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