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Cooking Ezentials Cooking Gloves Reviews

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    August 03, 2015

    We do a lot of baking, oven use, in our kitchen (which is quite small and not good for having to constantly pick up and put down mitts and potholders.) We recently invested in a few different styles of cooking gloves out of curiosity. The first pair we bought were all rubberized material, quite stiff, and hard to slip on and off. My father has a pair of fabric gloves (with rubber grips) similar to these and raves about them for oven and grill use, so that was enough for us to give them a chance.

    I want to stat by saying- for those who say 'able to feel the heat, if held too long- it burns,' as a review- there is CLEARLY a chart for temperature transfer time on the box. This should be followed as a safety and educational note, and is shown in one of our attached photos. Very few commercially available mitts are intended to conduct an unlimited amount of heat for an unlimited time without transferring warmth. Chances are your standard cloth oven mitts and potholders respond the exact same way- If you're looking to get hands of lava that can touch pure fire without feeling a single thing, you might want to look into professional culinary gear.


    *I guess the color could be a pro- it is for the girlfriend, but I think the pink could be taken a little sexist, so go with a neutral color if gifting unless your recipient is specifically into the whole pink thing.

    *These slide on and off very easy and offer maximum mobility. The fabric is thick, but we can still grip can lids, spray down pans, and stir with them on.

    *Ambidextrous- The rubberized grip coating is on both sides of the gloves, making it easy to grab one and put it on without fussing over which hand you're using.

    *Per the very well labeled CAUTION instructions these gloves claim to hold heat at bay for 15-20 seconds for heat up to 482F (a very odd number in my mind, but the manufacturer clearly looks to Celsius measurements, which equals an even 250C), or temperatures over 600 (such as those at a grill) 10-15 seconds. We found this to be truly accurate. As a caution I would not continue to hold or handle hot materials past these suggested times, but we did find we could comfortably handle 450F degree pans for about 30 seconds. It should also be noted that the product advises the gloves are intended for temperatures up to 480F- despite the heat guard indicating suggested heat transfer times exceeding that.


    *Pretty much our only cons were the packaging arrived beat up (and not from shipping as it was IN a shipping box,) and the coloring of the gloves seems to be streaked or stained with a yellowish off tint. I think this might be from some of the heat treatments?

    *While these fit well I have very long and slender fingers and I still observed about an inch hang off of length in the fingers, which is fairly annoying.


    *It is crucial that you treat these gloves like fabric and do not use them if they get wet. Moisture will transfer heat rapidly, even with the rubberized grips.

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