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Cycle Beads for Ovulation Prediction Reviews


Want an effective, natural, and fun way to predict ovulation - your most fertile time of the month? Try an innovative new method called Cycle Beads - an attractive string of beads that represent the days in your menstrual cycle. Each color-coded bead stands for a single day in your monthly cycle, and the color of a particular Cycle Bead on a particular day indicates whether you are fertile or not. It's that easy - and a highly effective form of fertility awareness! How do Cycle Beads Work? Cycle Beads represent your menstrual cycle and function as a tactile ovulation calendar. Each bead stands for a single day. On the first day of your period, you simply place the rubber ring on the red bead (representing cycle day 1). On each following day, simply move the rubber ring ahead by one bead (an arrow reminds you which direction). As you move through your cycle days, when the ring is on a dark or red bead, fertility is low and your odds of conceiving are less. However, once the ring moves to a white bead - typically cycle day 8 through 19 - you know that you are nearing ovulation or perhaps already ovulating. While the ring is on a white cycle bead, you are at peak fertility and your chances of becoming pregnant are high!

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