Diaper Baggies (Flower) Reviews

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Diaper Baggies are stylish and durable plastic bags with a zipper closure, tailored to fit all 6 stages/sizes of diapers. Use Diaper Baggies for safe and sanitary disposal of babies soiled diapers. Diaper Baggies can also be used in place of diaper pails. Because diaper pails can not lock in odor, they only temporarily house the smell of soiled diapers until the odor inevitably escapes when the time comes to empty the pail. Diaper Baggies is unique in that it provides a completely odor-free means of disposing of messy diapers with the first ever zipper closure. Tie bags and thin plastic leave room for odor to seep through. Average grocery bags just aren't the same when you can have stylish designs instead! What are the different uses for Diaper Baggies: While visiting friends and family: Allow them to enjoy every minute of your visit, minus the "surprise" your little one has left behind! While traveling: Keep car rides pleasant with a quick and easy removal of a potentially breath taking experience (and we're not talking about the scenery!) On a plane: Where we are reminded that fresh air is a hot commodity, neighboring passengers will thank you! As a gift: Be the talk of the baby shower with the hottest, most adorable and convenient way to dispose of soiled diapers. Soiled clothing: Sometimes it's not just the diaper that we'd like to dispose of! But some things need to be salvaged. Bibs, onesies and other garments fit perfectly in this little bag with a zipper closure AND a colorful design to conceal what's inside until they can be restored to their original state!

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