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GranVela Q8 Lightweight Foldable Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones Reviews
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    September 08, 2016

    I have never had a pair of Bluetooth headphone yet, but felt it was time to give up the cord and see what this Bluetooth technology is.

    These headphones come in a multitude of colours – and the ear muffs are small enough for children or adults who do not want to look like a DJ. The ear muffs are made of some sort of leather material and are pretty comfortable. They cover my ears, but do not block sound out as much as my noise cancelling ear buds do. Outsiders can hear more of the music as well due to the larger distribution space of the muffs.

    The muffs are also convenient as they fold up for easy transport without being too bulky.

    The headband part is covered with a soft meshy material, which if snagged on something, will likely pill or tear.

    They come with a short USB charging cord and an Audio Cable for when you don’t want to (or cannot) use the Bluetooth technology. Charging takes under two hours for a full charge, and I charge it every few days due to my high usage (4-6 hours a day).

    With respect to the Bluetooth Technology – OMG! How did I not discover this sooner? My iPhone instantly recognized the head phones and it paired in about 30 seconds! Once paired, I was able to hear my music, videos, and even Candy Crush music, depending what I was doing on my phone.

    All without a cord! As I wear earphones daily to block out sound (I have Misophonia), these will save the time and frustration of untangling my earbud cords daily!

    If I have my iPod, however, I do use the Audio Cable, as my iPod does not have the Bluetooth capability. The sounds and usability of the headphones is the same with or without the Bluetooth functionality.

    There is a woman’s voice in broken English who tells you what mode you are in when you switch from FM Radio to Bluetooth.

    The sound is adjustable from the side of one of the ear muffs, as are the functionality, On and Off button, and radio station tuner. The USB cord and Micro SD card also have slots built into the ear muffs as well – without hindering usage or sound quality.

    The sound is decent considering the price point. With the ability to change the sound modes, it makes the sound change slightly to my preferences depending on what kind of music mode I am in. It’s not the highest quality, and the radio can be a little bit tinny (and does not work in my concrete cave of an office).

    Overall, I am happy with my first Bluetooth headphone purchase and would recommend it for anyone looking for a smaller pair of ear muff style headphones who are ok with average sound quality.

    *** I received this item at a reduced or no cost for my fair and fabulous review ***

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