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Herbal T Male Performance Supplement Reviews

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    November 24, 2014

    I recently used my father and my hubby as guinea pigs, in order to review Herbal T Male Performance supplement;

    This is supposed to naturally boost testosterone, without drugs, hormones, steroids, fillers or anything synthetic. Testosterone, apart from being one of the main reasons that men are the less intelligent sex ;), is required to help a guy function. Without adequate levels of it, they go all nutzo or are as useless around the house as a couch potato on game day.
    All joking aside though, testosterone is required to combat things like diabetes, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. That's on top of being necessary in order to combat fatigue, irritability, loss of initiative, depression, reduced muscle mass and weight gain- especially in the midsection and chest. Plus, testosterone is responsible for pretty much everything down below, from the size of a guy's berries to the firmness of his twig. Seriously! As if we hadn't known that already though, right?

    Of course, I thought a means of naturally boosting it was fantastic and really wanted to find out whether or not this could be something that the important men in my life could benefit from. Here are our results;

    My hubby is 27 years old and a very large man, at 6'4" and 235lbs. He eats a fairly healthy diet and is as active as possible, while working full-time and Daddy-ing straight afterwards because he misses his babies like mad. He's adorable. Overall, he's also quite fit. We don't typically have issues with mood, irritability or any nether regional difficulties BUT he has an issue with falling asleep if he sits still for any length of time. There's no reason for him to be tired, or lethargic, and he can't figure it out. I know many of you ladies out there will say, "Oh, I hear ya!" because your own husbands sack out on the couch nightly but this was, honestly, so bad that I thought he had narcolepsy. I sent him to the doctor's office and they checked his testosterone levels, which he told me were fine but it's a serious issue in our relationship. We don't spend a heck of a lot of time on our own, once all kiddies vacate our laps, and having to fight him to stay awake gets to me.
    This supplement genuinely helped from the first day he took it and he called on his break to tell me this;

    "I normally crash around lunch time and find myself getting tired. That didn't happen to me today. In fact, I feel better than usual and...it's going to sound stupid but...I've got an urge to lift really heavy things!"

    I took that as a positive sign. This carried on for the duration of him taking it, including him being able to stay up much later at night and not falling asleep while I talked to him. Bonus.

    As far as improving sex drive goes, he did note that he thought about it far more often...but that's not exactly new for him and he may have been playing it up for sympathy? Who knows but, either way, he took it as an excuse to be a horndog. I suppose the supplement would work if your partner needs a bit of inspiration in that respect, although mine does not and I can not speak to it's effectiveness because I have never experienced him feeling "ineffective", so to speak. With four children, a household to run and two holy terrors aged 2 and under, that's incredibly inconvenient sometimes.

    As far as my father goes, he's 50 years old and has noticed a considerable decline in strength these past few years. He used to compete in body building competitions so, if anyone knows what he's talking about where that kind of thing is concerned, it would be my Dad. He has used Tribulus, for similar reasoning, previously and that's one of the ingredients found in this formula so he was instantly intrigued by the idea of reviewing it for me.
    He did notice being much less tired and not falling asleep around the house, which is the same thing that Bryan can attest to. As well as that, after four days of rest between gym work outs, he is typically weaker and noted that he was as strong as usual, if not stronger. That, plus the energy boost, has sold my father enough that he is willing to jump into modern day society and make his first-ever online purchase by ordering another bottle.

    All in all, I can say that this product is worth trying!

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