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Hurom Slow Juicer Reviews

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    December 02, 2011

    Okay, so let me start with the many different types of juicers that are out there in today's market!

    First off, we have the ever so popular centrifugal juicers, which "shred" your food to separate pulp from juice. This shredding action cuts your food into thousands of tiny pieces and exposes them to oxidation. This causes a rapid loss in the nutritional quality of the juice. Also, this process tends to waste a lot of juice that is still left in the fruit and vegetable fibers, which means you need to use a greater amount of fruit/vegetables to extract a small amount of juice.

    Then we have the option of the twin-gear or masticating juicers. Twin-gear (masticating) juicers produce far better quality juice than centrifugal juicers. They slowly squeeze wheat grass, sprouts or other fruits and vegetables through a single-gear or twin-gear process that extracts more juice than centrifugal juicers.

    The problem with these machines, at least in my experience, is that they are very slow at making juice and they take a long time to disassemble, clean and reassemble. They're also extremely heavy and quite expensive compared to centrifugal juicers.

    Finally, we have the slow juicers! This type of appliance overcomes all the shortcomings of both centrifugal juicers and masticating juicers. The Hurom slow juicer is a truly remarkable machine that takes a quantum leap forward in juicing technology. This machine is simply amazing -- and it has already become a permanent appliance in my own kitchen.

    The Hurom machine produces juice FASTER than a centrifugal juicer, yet it doesn't have any fast-moving parts: No centrifugal basket, no shredding your fruits and veggies, and no loud noise. I love making juice with this appliance!

    It's lighter and less expensive than twin-gear juicers, and yet it produces just as much juice as they do! Plus, it's super versatile because it can make almond milk, soy milk, sesame milk or even rice milk, too!

    The secret is the "slow juice" technology developed by the Hurom company. This technology uses "triturating" technology that "rubs" the juice out of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. It uses only a single spiral gear, not twin gears, and the simplicity and cleverness of the design make it an upright appliance on your countertop -- so it looks like a centrifugal juicer, but it functions in a whole new way.

    One more thing that is a MUST mention is that there are no metal blades in this juicer -- none what-so-ever! So, if you have children they can actually get involved in the juice-making process without any worries.

    Seriously, I absolutely LOVE this juicer!

    So, if you are looking for a great juicer the Hurom is it!

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